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Smart Handwashing

Staying hygienic is now a never-avoiding option. Musks, sanitizer is our best friend now. But have you tried “Smart Handwashing”?

Usually, we used to wash our hands but smart handwashing makes you ensure that almost 99% of the germs vanish.

Here, Samsung obeys its responsibility. In the ‘Hand wash’ App, Samsung offers “Hand Wash” features to the users of Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sports.

Well, how Smart Handwashing works? How can we use it? How to install the “hand wash” app? All information is in the following passages.

Setting Up A Standard Hand Washing

We would wash our hands daily but still, your hands are not as clean as required. According to UCL, we should wash our hands 5-7 times.

In the App, you can set your whole routine of Hand Washing in different sections.

Samsung “Hand Wash” App will guide you to stay hygiene throughout the day.

The Perfect Handwashing

Do you know- What’s the perfect duration of a perfect handwash? WHO and other health organizational sources tell 15 seconds or 20 seconds of handwashing is Ideal.

Perfect Handwashing Duration

However, we do not calculate the seconds that’s why Samsung Watches ring a reminder after starting 25 seconds of washing.

First, 5 seconds is for taking soap or handwash and 20 seconds for rubbing your hands properly.

Never Forget To Wash Hands

Being busy, it’s not possible to count the hand-washes. Hence, your app will remind you whenever you will be close to lunch, supper, or dinner.

Believe us, that feature gets maximum appreciation from audience.

Weekly Monitoring

With the help of the “Hand Wash” app, you can your weekly hygiene level maintenance.

The report will show you the whole analytics based upon the proper routine that you will have to follow throughout the week.

Why Does Samsung Make This App?

Samsung is trying to make our hands fresh for the whole day.

From the previous year, they are focusing on handwashing trackings. The App will help us to maintain our handwashing habits.

How Wash Hands Properly

Here is a practical tip on how to wash your hands properly. Let’s dive into the image below.

Image Credit: curious.com

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