Have You Heard About The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features

Are you one of them who is waiting for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features? Samsung lovers are waiting for a new launch for a long while.

We did not know why Samsung is delaying its upcoming smartwatches. A few days ago, a rumor was flying that Samsung would not only launch new features but are going to change the whole OS.

According to the news source, Samsung is not planning to serve its upcoming watches in the Tizen OS but Wear OS.

Brand New Features Of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

This year Apple is offering something extra-ordinary. Then want to improve each and every section in the system.

The upcoming watches are consist of different types of new patterns. There are three styles they are going to launch and the code names are

  • Fresh
  • Wise
  • Lucky

These three models promises to offer new user experiene. Fresh and Lucky will in improvised sporty model.

On the other hand, Wise will offer Classic elements with a rotating bezel ring.

All the smartwatches are coming in Wear OS by replacing Tizen OS.

Although its UI 3.x will place at the top. Furthermore, users can reply with text to their friends that is likely available in Apple Smartwatch.

Right, we don’t know when they are going to launch the smartwatches but we may expect them in July.

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