GTA 5 Update Reveals | It’s Leaving Xbox Soon

GTA 5 Update Reveals It's Leaving Xbox Soon (1)

In 2013 Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) had been released, but the game is still a raving success. The data and source state that GTA 5 update reveals the game is leaving Xbox pass soon.

It is playable on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” has been in the Xbox Game Pass for several months now and it looks like the title would be leaving Microsoft’s video game subscription service very soon.

A new update may have revealed that the days of “GTA 5” on the Xbox Game Pass are numbered. It is currently in the service’s “Leaving Soon” collection.

However, as of writing, neither Microsoft nor Rockstar Games have made an official announcement on when exactly the game is leaving the popular video game subscription service.

No specific date of departure is stated on the page. Even clicking on the game’s listing yields nothing. The only time frame stated on the page is a note that says,

“These games exit the Xbox Game Pass library in the next two weeks.”

We can expect the game may stop being available sometime in the early part of August.

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In January 2020 “Grand Theft Auto 5” was first launched

Xbox Game Pass. It offered users access to the Diamon Resort and Casino DLC and stayed available until May of that year.

Until April 2021 the game did not become available again on Microsoft’s video game subscription service. the game’s stay on the service has lasted a month shorter than its 2020 run, with the latest update.

One of the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass is that it offers a massive discount on games scheduled to leave the service. This means, for fans, who have not yet played the game via Xbox Game Pass, now is the best time to purchase it.

Xbox Game Pass Soon

Additionally, it is hard to say at this point if “Grand Theft Auto 5” will return to Xbox Game Pass soon. The game is getting a major next-generation upgrade for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in November 2021.

At least for this year, fans on Xbox Game Pass have a short time left to enjoy the game.

Data, and Source: Ib Times

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