GiftHorse Trojan Attacked More Than 10 Million Android Users

Trojan Attacked More Than 10 Million

A certain update has changed the whole Android user experience. In the last few months, GiftHorse Trojan attacked more than 10 million android users. This malware is destroying the user experience of Android users badly.

At the very beginning of the process, users install some Applications on their device which is basically contained with entertainment packages. The problem begins after completing the installation process with your registered mobile number.

Symptoms Of Trojan Attack

After installing the application, users used to get more than 15-20 notifications from the app throughout the day. And the is no way to disable the notification.

This abnormal marketing of the app owners takes an end after the client subscribe to any of their premium services such-

  • Pro entermainment
  • Premium SMS Services

Most of the users are getting these apps for two reasons, First, they don’t about the black marketing approaches, and the app store such as the Google Play store was allowing them to install it.

However, people have complained successfully against these groups of malicious Apps, and Google is also taking action against it.

How To Stay Safe From Attacks Like Trojan

First of all, normal users are not as qualified as developers technically. Hence, App store publications should invest to educate about this malware. Thus, the majority of the problems will reach the dustbin.

On the other hand, users should care about giving their privacy to any such unauthorize source of online services.

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