Why Should You Wear A Smartwatch? Advantages Of Smartwatch

It’s become a trend or fashion to have a smartwatch but why should you wear a smartwatch? Yes, everyone asks this question after knowing about this gadget probably, for the first time. Many fitness experts and entrepreneurs emphasize wearing a smartwatch.

But why and when should you wear it? If you want the benefits like fitness tracking, Heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, SpO2 tracking, smartphone navigation, GPS, etc. on your watch you should definitely go for a smartwatch. 

Now, on this page, we have discussed the benefits of having a smartwatch. If you are curious about it, keep reading. 

Smartness of Smartwatch Saves Your Time

20 years ago, we had just ‘Watch‘ to show off but now we have more than just a watch. Smartwatches or wearable computers are just booming in the market. 

With having this gadget you can save multiple miscellaneous times from your schedule. 

Who does not want to grow fast with modern tech trends but how the benefits are working in our daily life!

Technically, it’s a watch with several necessary benefits but behind the benefits, there is a strong perception to build it. 

At every stage, it just saves your time and health. See how it helps us in various ways in the following points. 

Operate Message, Phone call, Notifications Without Phone 

Smartwatches help to operate complex functions of smartphones easily. Basically, it just shortens the time of picking a phone, displaying on, unlocking it, and then operating the task. 

Smartwatches not only allow you to see the notifications but you can reply to your messages within 10 seconds right from your smartwatch. 

During outdoor meetings, dinner, fieldworks are not suitable for smartphone activities. Here you can take advantage of this gadget. 

What you just need to do is nothing but sync it with your mobile phone, and you are ready to use the features. 

Save 2X Battery Of Smartphone And Yourself 

People see the battery life before having electronic wearable, smartphones, wireless earphones, etc.

Technically, smartphone-hardware functionality can’t be controlled by smartwatches. However, you can stretch the battery life of your smartphone strategically. 

Most smartphones utilize a lot of energy on display processing. You can easily save your smartphone battery usage if you operate a few activities from a smartwatch. 

Such as social media notifications, email, message reply, call to someone, GPS, alarm, reminder. 

The most suggestive part is you can save 2X energy as compared to a smartphone when you plan to use a smartwatch for some specific tasks. You can also reduce power usage by enabling power-saving mode when you are not actively using it.

With Lithium batteries smartwatches are pretty much long laster now, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit is highly dedicated to improving it’s’ power supply capacity. 

Energy saving is the key to leading a successful day. If you keep a distance from the process of picking up a phone from your pocket and putting it in again, and this process continues 20 times a day. It takes a lot of energy. 

Find Your Gadgets Using GPS Sync 

Sometimes we forget our smartphones and try to figure out where it was last time. And you try your best to find out it. 

But what you will do if you need to go out and you are in a hurry. (Some people throw whatever he got in hand due to frustration😬) 

Well don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Just turn on the GPS on your smartwatch and it will show where your smartwatch is located. 

To complete the process, you need to have synced your phone to the smartwatch after that you can use the GPS to find it.

In addition, GPS on smartwatches helps you to find different locations in a minute so you don’t need to open your phone. 

It’s literally a problem if you are on a bike or in a car or somewhere outdoors while you have to pick the mobile frequently for small tasks. 

GPS features on kids’ smartwatches work like a lifesaver

A few years ago, a kid was lost and his mom was terribly upset. After a while, she remembered that his kid had worn a smartwatch. The next day news came up with a headline: Smartwatch GPS Saved  Kids’ Lives! 

More Than Just Fitness Tracking 

Out of the 10 best fitness parameters, smartwatches offer almost everything necessary to track our fitness.

Using a smartwatch you can track burnt calories, steps, Blood oxygen level, stress level, and even now modern developers are inventing glucose monitoring for users. 

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After a certain age, people understand that fitness is a part where they must focus on, however, after the pandemic this mentality has drastically grown. 

In that process, a smartwatch plays a vital role. It is not just a tracker but a fitness coach also. Throughout the day whatever fitness-related activities you do with having the smartwatch, it is trackable. 

So whenever you are at the gym and run on the treadmill it tracks and analyzes using Running mode. If you go for a swim with your smart handy gadget, it will help you to analyze the performance with the help of swimming mode. 

Right now smartwatch brands are extremely dedicated to enhance the quality of sports mode.

Most smartwatches have more than 20 sports modes- running, jogging, cycling, climbing, swimming, skipping, and so on. Hence don’t be afraid if you play a lot of outdoor games. 

In addition, it offers you the overall report in the fitness app. The analytics show how much you have improved, and your remaining targets. 

From there you can set your daily/monthly fitness goals and every time you miss something or complete a target you will be notified.

Technically, It’s truly interesting, a gadget that reminds and pushes you towards your fitness goals. That’s what a trainer does, right! 

You can share this fitness report with your friends from the app. 

24/7 Health Tracking

Nobody will forget how America was badly affected during the Covid situation. There are a lot of cases but the majority of them were either senior citizens or previously suffering from other diseases. 

Well, if you want your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa to be healthy, take advantage of a smartwatch and track the most crucial health symptoms. 

Let’s take a look-up,

According to doctors, what are the most crucial health factors 

  • Heart Rate 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Sleep 
  • SpO2 

These are the most important health factors that tell you about the whole body.

No matter how aged you are, your heart rate per minute indicates a lot about your current fitness. 

Blood pressure says which type of food you should avoid. You can’t be stable or feel normal with having high or low blood pressure. Many other diseases would arise due to blood pressure.

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After covid blood oxygen level has become one of the greatest matters for us. Usually, an oximeter is a device that helps us to check the level of oxygen after every 3 or 4 hours. 

But several smartwatches give the advantages of SpO2 tracking, and these are pretty much accurate according to the medical devices. 

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On the other hand, can you perform well, without having a proper sleep? Your sleep cycle decides your mood, concentration, digesting, and so on. We have different stages of sleep.

Modern smartwatches are capable of measuring your sleep quota(there are 3 types of sleep stages). If you want to know how a smartwatch measures sleep, check it out here.

Smartwatches Help To Lead A Next Level Professional Life

Smart gadgets always help us to complete a task easily. Similarly, smartwatches are designed to lead a professional life. To start, and finish a day smartwatches help you to plan, and execute the day with smart reminders, time-saving features, and visual performance analytics.

Now, let’s discuss a matter how you can lead a day without forgetting any crucial steps.

Suppose you are an office-goer, student, or entrepreneur. We have chosen these three specific types because it covers the majority of the occupation types (If you think you have a very specific work-life, comment below).

All the above roles must have a schedule for a whole day as well as a week. To plan the day, you can step alarms, hourly reminders. During the journey, it can be used to do several tasks with less time.

In the following section, we are giving an infographic where you learn how to plan a day using a smartwatch.

how to use smartwatch to lead a professional liffe

Moreover, on the performance tracking app on your smartphone, you can check your performance health and fitness.

The analytics on the fitness app is so powerful- it not only notifies you about the progress graph is highly motivating. Using different modes of sports you can check your improvements to the game.

The most important key points to lead a professional using a smartwatch-

  • It reminds us to complete every single tasks(If Preset)
  • Smart Features Saves Time
    • Mobile App Notification(Email, Social Media)
    • Reply To SMS, And Calls
    • GPS tracking
    • Listen To Music, Audio Books
  • Performence Analytics Motivates
  • Any Serious Health Disbalance Notify

Technically, some features are complex to track, and still in testing mode. Modern developers are working to add more practical features to improve the user experience. Benefits like Temperature tracking (Bakeey T02, OPTA SB-204), Glucose monitoring(K’Watch, upcoming Apple Watch Series 8) are still in testing mode.

Soon we will get the benefits of more accuracy, and flexibility in our preferred brands.

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