What Is A Radiation Free Smartwatch?

Like every wearable device, a smartwatch emits radiation due to electromagnetic waves that connect it to the network. 

In the wearable market, we can see lots of Radiation protection chips. Basically, it is an external chip that can be attached to a smartphone or smartwatch. 

Hence, a radiation-free smartwatch is built in such a way that emits near to zero EMF radiation. Technically, it creates a shield or barrier against the waves. 

Ironically, you should not waste your money on these things as smartwatches emit a specific kind of radiation frequency that non-ionizing EMF. 

These types of radiation waves have nearly zero harmful effects on us. Moreover, the radiation protection chips are available at a high price. 

Now, let’s take a look at other questions related to smartwatch radiation and its effects

Is Radiation Of A Smartwatch More Harmful Than Smartphones? 

In the comparison of radiation between smartwatch and smartphone, we have seen that the radiation. 

Both smartphones and smartwatches emit non-ionizing radiation.

With active networks and Wi-Fi smartphones emit comparatively more radiation than smartwatches. However, radiation in smartwatches is closer to our body as it is wearable. 

In our previous experiments, we have seen how a smartwatch and smartphone emit electromagnetic waves in various conditions. 

Basically, the result of the experiment shows that with network connectivity, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth both devices emit more radioactive rays or waves than flight mode. 

Interestingly, in every condition smartphone’s radiation emissions are higher than smartwatches. 

If you want to differentiate the level of harmfulness then you must consider the usability pattern of the gadgets in our daily life. 

Smartphones are flexible to use that can be left a little bit away, on a desk or holder. On the other hand, a smartwatch is made to fit on our wrist. 

That’s how it works well. But talking on a smartphone for more than 30 minutes to 1 hour causes headaches due to radiation. 

According to very well health, smartphones cause some serious diseases like migraine, headache, neck pain, etc.

Therefore, both have their own Pros and Cons. The only way to avoid these problems is to utilize the device as much as required (minimum) only. 

Why Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation? 

Not only smartwatches but almost every smart wearable emits radiation. Technically, wearable technologies are built with RF transmitters that send radio waves or signals to make the wireless connection with the network. 

In that case, CDC has shared a note about human health and radiation. Feel free to check it out. 

How Do You Stop Radiation On A Smartwatch?

Technically, users can’t stop the radiation emission of smartwatches or wireless devices. However, an EMF harmonizer chip is little bit helps to create a protection zone against radioactive waves. 

It helps our body from the radiation emitted through a smartwatch by creating an EMF’s free zone around the device. 

In any wireless device like smartwatch, fitness tracker, smartphone the chip fits well as it comes with a tiny, sticky, button shape. 

But the question is- should you use an EMF harmonizer or Radiation protection chip on a smartwatch?  

In short, an EMF protection chip would be not a wise choice as it’s not value for money. Most EMF protection chips are available at around $50. That is a complete waste of money for non-ionizing and less radiation emitted through smartwatches.

Either smartphone or smartwatch both devices emit non-ionizing radiation, slightly harmful compared to other radioactive waves. 

Moreover, till now, there is no practical evidence that proves smartphones or smartwatches as a factor in a fatal disease. 

There is no doubt that if you overuse these devices it may cause headaches and other symptoms like dizziness and sleep problems but the effect of radiation is so low that brands can make the device available for the public legally. 

Is Radiation That Smartwatches Emit Bad For Us?

Technically, no, neither smartwatches nor smartphones emit ionizing EMF radiation that is extremely harmful to the human body. 

Both of the devices emit non-ionizing EMF radiation. 

Previously, we have shared an attachment you can see non-ionizing EMF radiation has a little harmful effect on living beings.

Therefore, you can use these gadgets without any serious radiation effects. 

It can only be a cause of headache, dizziness, eye pain, etc. if you overuse them. 

Does A Smartwatch Emit Radiation All The Time? 

Any kind of wireless device like a tablet, smartwatch, smartphone, Bluetooth earphones emit RF radiations while connected to the mobile network. By turning the network off you can protect the radiation emissions. 

During surfing on the internet, phone calls, GPS- a wireless device emits a lot of electromagnetic waves that include radiation. 

On the other hand, the radiation can be minimized when the devices would be only on the network but without any phone calls or online activities. 

In-flight mode, one can see a negative amount of radiation emissions. 

Here is a complete discussion where you can learn whether you should wear a smartwatch all day long.

Can Smartwatches Make You Sick? 

Smartwatches or fitness wearables could be a cause of anxiety as people took the fitness measurements 100% accurately but till now, no serious biological sickness has been seen due to wearable devices. 

some people used to feel disappointed as they are overthinking the stats of fitness level provided by fitness trackers. 

In reality, you should not take the numbers literally. The analytics shows an overall average measurement. 

There are lots of tracking errors users can see in the step counting, sleep, HR rate, and so on. 

Even doctors often say the medical devices are totally accurate. It’s their expertise that helps them to make the correct calculation. 

Hence, the number of fitness analyses should be taken in such a way that sounds “approximately”. 

Should You Wear A Smartwatch  24 Hours A Day? 

Not only smartwatches but no wearable devices are healthy to wear 24/7 a day. It causes constant radiation transmission, distractions, and discomfort during sleeping.

If you want to measure your sleep you can put on a sleep tracker or smartwatch at night however you need not use it daily. 

Is It Safe To Wear A Smartwatch While Sleeping?

Sleep tracking is a great feature. It has no mentionable side effects but users can face discomfort during sleeping at night. 

Unless you need sleep monitoring daily you may avoid the practice. 

In addition, it appears as a temptation in the form of features. But we should try to take the best advantage of it as a wise user. 

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