Is It Safe To Wear A Smartwatch While Sleeping?

Wearing smart trackers is cool but how safe a smartwatch is to wear while sleeping! Is there any kind of side effects of a smart gadget if we used to wear them at night?

Lots of questions but the solution is quite simple. In terms of a health point of view, a smartwatch can be worn at night to track sleep quality but 24 hours use of smartwatches would bring problems like sleeping discomfort, skin problems.

On the other hand, detection waves passing through your body 24/7 a day is not a healthy practice. Let’s learn the topic with a few interesting topics.

When Should You Use Sleep Monitoring

Sleep monitoring is an exciting feature but it’s not a necessity in normal cases. If you are using the sleep monitoring feature in your wearable tracker then you should follow some basic steps.

The best practice in sleep tracking is generally 2-3 times a week however you can skip a few weeks in a month.

Frequent sleep tracking should be avoided unless the user is not suffering from sleep diseases like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, etc.

A statement of sleep shared that about 50-70 million Americans are suffering from lack of sleep. Over the past few years, this has become one of the rising diseases.

According to, to stay fit and healthy, to gain energy, to perform with full potential you need to have quality sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in healing and repair.

If you have reached a point in your life where you want to get stamina and power to work and build something significant you must consider your sleep quality.

In that case, Zapier has mentioned a survey where 4188 candidates are taken to check the connection between sleep quality and productivity.

The result showed those who had slept less, lost near about $2000 due to less concentration and productivity.

Hence, it’s beneficial to check and monitor the quality of sleep. But if the checking is disturbing the whole process is meaningless.

How Often We Should Use Sleep Tracker

There is no definite guide to this query. Generally, you can track sleep 2-3 times a week however this can be frequent to monitor if the person is suffering from sleep disease. Now, what is the right way to measure the frequency of sleep tracking?

First of all, if you have not to try sleep tracking before using it as much as you can in the first two weeks.

After decreasing the craze of using the feature you can gradually minimize the use of the particular feature. Make a mindset that includes 1-2 times of tracking in a week.

In special cases, when you feel less energetic or productive track the sleep quality for 2-3 days simultaneously.

Thus, you will see that you are following a definite amount of uses per month.

Effects Of Wearing Smartwatch At Night Daily

At night, when you are ready to sleep then you need maximum comfort, anything sticky on your body could be a cause of poor sleep. Here is how frequent sleep tracking decreases the sleep quality-

Irritation And Discomfort

As mentioned earlier, the better the comfort the deeper the sleep will be. Wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker on your wrist during sleep at night may be a cause of irritation.

And it’s not possible to track sleep without wearing the gadget on your wrist.

Long Term Effect Of Tracking Signal

Tracking behavior is not done by magical energy. It’s all about sending and receiving signals in form of waves.

In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned the sleep tracking method called Actigraphy.

This method is based on the tri-axis method that includes creating continuous signals around the wrist.

Technically, there is no initial harm to this process but anything passing through your body could leave a long-term effect on your body.

24 Hours Watch Wear Causes Sweat, Itching, And Skin Infection

Not only a smartwatch but anything that you wear on your body creates sweat and germ. As an effect, you can face problems like itching and skin problem.

Depending on the watch strap sweat and germs will spread that may cause different types of skin infections.

Therefore it’s wise to avoid the frequent use of sleep tracking.

How To Use Sleep Tracking Feature Without Harming Sleep And Health ?

After hearing the suggestions mentioned in the previous passages, you may think that sleep tracking is not a healthy option to use which is not necessarily the case.

A user can take the best advantages of sleep tracking by following the steps below-

Maintain A Suitable Gap In Tracking

To get good results you should take the best advantage of the feature. Everybody works differently during the time of rest.

Factors like sleeping posture, pillow, environment, food, and diet differentiate the quality of sleep. At the same time, you need to consider the gap in sleep tracking to get the best result.

Understand The Meaning Of Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking does not refer to checking sleep every single night. But it says to monitor your reaction to a particular diet and routine a few times a week.

If you monitor the sleep stats frequently there will not be any significant improvement in the sleep quality.

Moreover, you may overthink the suggestions, given by the fitness tracking app.

Unless having a critical disease you should not use any health tracking features that may increase the probability of wrong decisions related to your health and fitness.

Making Decisions On The Basis Of Sleep Stat

After figuring out the measurement and procedure, now, you are ready to track and make decisions based on the tracking result.

In general, fitness tracking apps are used to give suggestions to improve the current situation of the user’s health.

However, you need to figure out something deeper by analyzing the schedule, routine, and diets. If you have seen poor quality in sleep quality your follow effective tips.

Wise Use Of Watch Starp To Prevent Skin Problem

Watches are available at different types of straps such as a metallic strap, synthetic strap, leather watch strap, vegan watch strap, wooden watch strap, Nylon Watch Strap, Titanium Watch Strap, etc.

Often we see users either face skin problems or unnatural dust and germs between the designs of straps, dial.

This is the most common problem of regular watch users. Depending on the watch strap skin problem or infections differs.

However, there is an overall solution to this problem during sleep tracking.

Suppose you have worn a smartwatch from morning to everything. On the same day, you want to use sleep tracking.

To Prevent skin problems or irritation users can change the watch strap at night or clean it with ethyl alcohol.

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How Smartwatches Detects Our Sleep?

A smartwatch or fitness tracker does not use factors like eyeballs movement, heart rate, oxygen level, breathing to measure sleep quality.

Using tri-axis a smartwatch tries to detect our movement during sleep. In the morning users can check performance in the app.

To check the whole process of sleep tracking visit this article. Detection and accuracy of sleep are based on some movement therefore it’s unable to detect any critical sleeping problems.

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