Can I Wear A Smartwatch While Driving? 

Driving is a sensitive activity. To prevent accidents we all used to follow some general basic rules like wearing seat belts or avoiding smartphones. But can we wear a smartwatch while driving? This is a concern of smartwatch users because there is no prohibition on wearing Watches during driving.

Well, it depends on how you will use it. There are several mentionable differences between smartwatches and Normal watches.

Don’t worry we have a definite answer to this question. Keep reading.

Is There Any Problem If I Wear A Smartwatch During Driving?

As a general rule, smartphones are not allowed during driving. But now Police in the USA or a few other countries could give a penalty for wearing and talking over smartwatches during driving.

There is no valid document that states smartwatches are illegal for driving. However, it is recommended to avoid anything distracting while driving.

Here are some reasons why a smartwatch would be not a good option for driving-

  • Phone calls, emails, messages, and GPS command is an easy distraction
  • Activity tracking issues are prone to driving
  • Police may find wearing smartwatches inappropriate

Moreover, there are some activity tracking issues that occur during driving.

Do Driving Causes Activity Tracking Errors In Smartwatches?

Globally, smartwatches or fitness trackers are used to track steps but accuracy differs with the brands and lifestyle of the user.

One of the Buyers-Value’s previous articles describes the step tracking accuracy of smartwatches. Where we have shared some activity tracking incapability of smartwatches.

The incapability shows how Smartwatch sensors like accelerometers can’t differentiate a few activities but mix and count as a step. Driving is one of the activities that could be counted as footsteps.

Technically, Accelerometers track movements of hand, chest, back, and overall posture. When we walk both of our hands move simultaneously. This movement is common to everyone.

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The time when someone moves the string of a car, the accelerometer often tracks it as a footstep.

step tracking error during driving

Unfortunately, few movements such as moving hands without walking, riding on an accelerator, driving, and going upstairs seem similar to footsteps for smartwatches.

Brands like Apple, and Garmin are working to improve the accuracy of activity tracking.

Therefore driving could increase the step counts. If you are conscious of your step tracking features you can leave it during driving.

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In addition, during driving users may see a certain increase in heart rate and blood pressure in the fitness analytics that is normal in this condition.

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Now, let come the legal rules and regulations.

Is It Legal To Wear A Smartwatch During Driving?

Devices like Smartphones are not allowed during driving. However, Police may give penalties for wearing smartwatches while driving.

Technically, It is a fact that smartwatches are more destructive than smartphones. There is a high probability that the driver may face distraction due to the smart gadget(Smartwatch) on the wrist.

Notifications like messages, phone calls, social media, and GPS commands may distract and cause accidents.

To reduce the rate of accident, traffic rules firmly suggests avoiding devices that will snatch your attention from the street ahead. Otherwise, drivers have to pay the price.

Which Types Of Gadgets You Should Not Keep During Driving

Driving laws varies from country to state. Meanwhile, the USA car laws are significantly strict. The general rules are as same as in other countries. Such as-

  • Carrying Driving All The Time
  • Must-wear Seat Belts
  • Give way to emergency vehicles
  • Prohibited Radder Detectors
  • Maintaining standard speed limits
  • Child safety

Most importantly you might be caught by the U.S police if you use smartphones. Sometimes, taking over smartwatches causes Penalty. Therefore, it is better to avoid any types of instruments that will interfere in safe your journey.

Things You Should Not Leave In A Car

Sometimes, we do obvious mistakes about cars and driving. Mistakes like leaving children in the car, and forgetting their wallet are not illegal but it creates annoying problems in our daily life.

Here is a list of things you should never leave in a car from Reader’s Digest- Aerosol cans, Food, And Groceries, Uncovered Sharpe Tools, Pets, Wine, etc.

If you want to know further about the above list read the article linked above.

That’s all guys. Hopefully, we have answered the question – Can I wear a smartwatch while driving? as detailed as possible.

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