Can I Wear A Smartwatch In The Pool?

If you are a swimmer or want to swim with having a smartwatch this question would take place in your mind. Smartwatches are water-resistant then- Can I wear a smartwatch in the pool? or swim with a smartwatch.

Is there any problem due to water to my smartwatches? Well, we have everything to discuss with you. Just keep reading this page without missing any points.

Should I Put On A Smartwatch In The Pool?

Right now, almost every smartwatch used to come with decent water resistance.

Users are free to swim inside a pool, wash their hands, or take showers with 5 ATM or Above water resistible smartwatches. However, for high-impact water games, users must take 10 ATMs or above.

Swimming Pools are a safe place if you just playing with kids and casual swimming with them. But there are some limitations.

High-impact water games like wakeboarding, kneeboarding, canyoning, and so on, are not normal conditions. Here, you need high-level water resistibility (above 10 ATM).

The pressure of the water would exceed the limit of water resistibility. Then, how to check the safety limit of the smartwatch’s water resistance.

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How Water Resistant A Smartwatch Is!

There are basically three types of water resistance parameters-

  • IP Rating
  • ATM Rating
  • ML-STD Rug Rating

According to IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission, IP is the water resistibility rating for electronic devices whereas IP stands for International Rating.

Here IP is followed by one or two roman digits. The 1st one stands for dirt and dust test, and 2nd one stands for water resistance.

On the other hand, ATM ratings mean Atmosphere ratings are the common rating found in fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Now, let’s take a look at the smartwatch’s water resistibility rating in ATM with usage limits-

Water Resistance RatingsDepth Of Pressure In WaterActivities Can Be Done
1 ATM10 metersSlight protection! It’s better to avoid waters
3 ATM30 metersSplash Protection. Users can wear smartwatches during handwashing.
5 ATM50 metersWear smartwatches during showers, swimming
10 ATM100 metersUsers can wear them during playing games like kneeboarding
20 ATM200 metersPlay High-impact games like wakeboarding, kneeboarding

Are Smartwatches Water Resistant Or WaterProof?

We often see two different terms: Water Proof and Water Resistant. Technically, waterproof means complete protection from water with any submerged depth. Right now, there are no smartwatches that are waterproof.

Water resistibility refers to a set of conditions up to where the device will protect its internal mechanisms.

Every smartwatch which is called waterproof is water-resistant. Modern smartwatches are available at 3 ATMs, 5 ATMs, 10 ATMs, etc.

When We Should Worry About Water Resistibility Of A Smartwatch

The best way to use smartwatches without fear of damage is to read the user’s manual of the smartwatch thoroughly.

We often see fancy advertising and make a decision to purchase. But if you need a device that will be used in the presence of water you must check the A-Z description of the product.

Moreover, water resistibility reduces after some time. It is recommended to change the gasket of a smartwatch or watch after every two and half years. Visit your nearest authorized service center to replace the old gasket.

how to make a watch water resistant

After changing the gasket in your watch or smartwatch will achieve the previous water resistibility again.

3 Best Water-Resistant Smartwatches

Huawei Band 2 Pro

Huawei Band 2 is one of the most preferable water-resistant fitness trackers available now. With 10.47 x 0.79 x 0.43 inches dimension Huawei band 2 is mentionable light weighted- 1.16 ounces. 1 Coin battery and 5ATM water resistibility allow users for fearless uses.

In the smart features, you have Built-in GPS, Heart Rate monitor. Users are allowed to check light, deep, and REM sleep stages through scientific Sleep tracking.

Without GPS the battery life is pretty much impressive- up to 21 days with normal usage. POMLED display will offer high-quality graphics on the screen.

Compatible with both OS: Android 4.4+/iOS 8.0+. 5 ATM water resistibility is better than average smartwatches.

Huawei Band 2 Pro smartwatch

Key Points

  • Water Resistibility (5 ATM)
  • POMLED Display
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Built-in GPS
  • Light-weighted GPS

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple is extremely strict about its ecosystem in iOS. In the Apple watch series 7, we can see one of the latest tech facilities for outdoor sports.

With Aluminium case material users have access to built-in GPS, and users can access powerful Spo2 tracking, Apple care, and 24/7 WatchOS technical support.

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In addition, the always-On display condition is better than before. Crack-resistant front crystal swimproof facilities are available in Apple Series 7. In addition, you don’t need to think about the dust resistance as it has IP6X dust resistance.

Apple Watch series 7 with good water resistibility

Key Points

  • IP6X Dust and Water Resistibility
  • Bigger Display
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Ideal For Outdoor Trackings

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