Can I Wear A Smartwatch During Pregnancy? (Including Disadvantages)

We have seen hundreds of requests in several medical forums that people are serious about their pregnant wives’ health checkups. Husbands are seeking health tracking devices during pregnancy.

Some of the have asked about gadget usability guidelines during pregnancy. From the series, we have picked up the question- Can I wear a smartwatch during pregnancy?

Let’s dive into it and solve the doubts.

A Quick Summary: Are Smartwatches Seriously Harmful To Pregnant Women?

In short, smartwatches have monitoring like blood pressure, heart rate (baby and mother), sleep, and stress which are useful to save time and get real-time frequent health updates during pregnancy. Although no serious health issues come with smartwatches still it’s better to check the disadvantages.

Now, dive down to the advantages first.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Having A Smartwatch For Pregnant Women 

Obviously, smartwatches or fitness trackers stand for tracking multiple activity tracking. But for a pregnant woman, it is more important to have dedicated health tracking benefits. 

Generally, fitness trackers track different kinds of movements to measure our steps, calories burnt, sleep, blood pressure, etc. 

But activity tracking features do not tell us the actual condition of our health directly. 

That’s why we need health factors such as-

  • Heart Rate and health 
  • Stress Level 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • SPO2 (Blood Oxygen Level) 
  • Blood Sugar 

Heart Rate and Health of Baby

Almost everyone appreciates that heart rate and health is a crucial indicators of the human body. 

According to, during pregnancy blood pressure or heart rate of the mother is increased by 10-15 times due to an increment in blood volume. 

A blood pressure tracking sensor is meaningfully helpful for a pregnant woman.

You can track the up and down in 24/7 hours (complete day).

Now, you can set a specific pulse limit to remind you if it’s crossed. 

On the other hand, check the blood pressure changes on the Blood Pressure App with the date and time.

Continuous Blood Pressure Tracking 

Blood pressure is one of the most important factors during pregnancy. According to CDC.Gov, high blood pressure is risky for both mother and the baby.

As a responsible parent, you must take precautions to have good health for your newborn child.

March of dimes tells about diseases due to High BP. Normally when a person (female) is not pregnant she has the chance of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, etc. after a certain age.

But during pregnancy, two life live in one body. It’s necessary to take deep fitness monitoring.

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In that case, ‘Pregnancy Birth Baby’ shared the relation between high blood pressure and the mother’s blood pressure.

“High blood pressure causes prevention of blood from flowing to the placenta. In that case, the baby would be born with low weight or gain premature delivery”

Now, it’s difficult to go and visit a doctor or physician 2-3 times a day. Therefore, a health tracker will help you to check blood pressure 24/7.

This is extremely helpful because you can check health tracking analytics. Thus, you can make necessary changes in your diet, rest, and exercise.

Monitoring Baby Heart 

With the revolution of technology, we have some highly useful and easy-to-use devices. Using a fetal heart rate monitor you can check the Heartbeat of a baby during pregnancy.

In the year 2016, Apple has developed Fetal monitoring accessibilities for pregnant women. We know you are curious to know how it works.

Let’s focus on the following questions-

Can We Monitor Baby Heart Rate At Home Before Pregnancy?

Yes, you can check the heartbeat of a fetal baby. Using health tracking apps like Airstrip. Using this app more than 3.5 million mothers are tracking their baby’s heartbeat before delivery.

According to the co-founder of Dr. Cameron Powell, AirStrip is capable of differentiating the heart rate of the Mother and the baby. Many doctors are preferring to use this app as an emergency checker.

Can Smartwatch Measure Fetal Baby Heart Rate During Pregnancy?

An Apple watch is capable to measure a baby’s and mother’s heart rate during pregnancy.

In the following section, we are leaving a video about the user manual for tracking fetal heartbeat.

In the process of Fetal heartbeat monitoring, you need to follow and check the following steps-

  • Internal Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
  • External Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Importance Of Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Check the step-by-step fetal heart rate checking from here.

Reduction Depression 

For Stress management Smartwatch or fitness tracker plays a vital role. Doubtlessly stress is harmful to pregnant women and their babies.

In a statement from, they shared that about 17% of women at age of 32, are suffering from stress. Additionally, they highlighted-

“Mental Stress during pregnancy may increase the possibility of preterm birth.”

Check how stress affects a baby’s health during pregnancy.

Sometimes solutions are not expensive but we are to take action. With the help of a fitness tracker and respective fitness app, stress levels can be tracked.

Most importantly, users can measure with time and date.

To reduce stress “sleep quality” plays a vital role. Check Out The following pages-

Activity Tracking 

Now, you are ready to make a routine for physical workouts during pregnancy. Count steps, calorie-burning, Spo2, Blood pressure during exercise.

It is important to consider the sleep quality to manage stress or blood pressure.

But pregnant women are less activated in physical activities this time then is Activity Tracking useless during pregnancy? Technically, no because your activities decide the health factors during this time.

Therefore you can take full advantage of it.

Expected Disadvantages Of Using Smartwatch During Pregnancy 

Smartwatch or Fitness watches are a cool, portable, and flexible devices for tracking multiple health factors but there are a few drawbacks also-

Lack of Privacy And Security 

Previously, health tracking during pregnancy may not maintain privacy. Health data on the fitness tracker app may be a part of AI that will suggest some ads for miscellaneous products on your social media or other platforms.

It’s annoying or would be a matter of problem if the user takes negative action such as purchasing unauthorized products or services.

But as a smart user, you can avoid noise and focus on the core benefits.

Bluetooth And Microwaves 

In the negative effects of smartwatches, we have discussed that Bluetooth connection causes a little bit of electro magnetite wave in our body.

However, there is no mentionable proof that smartwatches or smartphones are directly harmful to serious health issues.

Still, there is an effect of waves in our bodies. It would be better to use it as much as required.

Best Smartwatch For Pregnant

Garmin vivoMove Style

Garmin VivoMode style is a compact and straightforward smartwatch for fitness and health monitoring. It has a classic look with a silicone or graphite nylon band.

This hybrid model of Garmin has a lithium polymer battery that provides more than 4 days of battery life.

With a dual touchscreen AMOLED display, it has multiple multiple smart features such as GPS, wireless connectivity to a smartphone to reply to messages, calls, notifications, etc.

Benefits (Budget-Friendly Tracking)

  • Pulse OX
  • Stress, Sleep, HR rate, hydration Monitoring
  • Menstrual Cycle Monitoring
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Garmin Pay

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 Is one of the Highest demandable fitness watches for women’s health monitoring. Needless to mention but this fitness watch Optical Heart Rate sensor, Dual-Core S3 processor, altimeter, and Digital Crown with a retina display.

The case size is pretty much comfortable with curve rectangular borders; Case thickness- is 11.4mm. Lithium-Ion battery watch OS Operating system, and GPS.

It has 8GB capacity storage where you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and music tracks in your leisure time.

Apple series 3 for pregnant woman

Benefits (High Quality With Cost)

  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sleep, Fitness, stress monitoring
  • Light Weight
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Automatic Health Monitoring

Then, Can we put on a smartwatch during pregnancy?

Well, pregnant women can use their smartwatch for regular health monitoring without any hesitation as there is no medical restriction but you must visit doctors for monthly checkups.

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