Smartwatch Vs Smartphone competition Test (With Marks)

For all the gadget lovers, all latest smartphones are one of the biggest sites of attractions. And this normal to be curious about updates. Coincidently, smartwatch vs smartphone is a new topic that has been to be growing.

And when the comparison sounds like smartwatch vs smartphone it would more delicious right.

In this age of technology, smartphones have a huge market but smartwatches are not too far away surprisingly.

But here we will not talk about market shares or sales.
Because whenever we used to buy something it is not for the market shares but the features that solve our problem and make smoother our daily life.

Shortly, the smartwatch has smart features (fitness tracking, mobile app notification, smart reminder) that can be integrated with smartphone etc. and smartphone has all the benefits of smart function.

Which One Is Better Between Smartwatch And Smartphone

in the following passages, we are going to filter these electronics(smartwatch and smartphone) based on some specific points.

  • Comfortability
  • Accessibility
  • Portability
  • Battery life
  • Standalone Ability
  • Activity Tracking
  • Overall

#. Comfortability

Who does not want comfort? Or in other words, who does not to save their time during a tight busy schedule?

Technically, Inventions had been done to solve the problem of mankind, and both products i.e, smartwatches and smartphones are too made for this purpose.

But both of them have a different capacity to solve our problem. If we divide our necessity that we generally preferred to complete by some smart devices it will two in numbers.

No.1making phones call, creating an email, long reply, watching files and images, etc.

These are the reasons why we must have to pick our phones from the pocket or bag.

But maximally we don’t hold our phones for that purpose. So which are the reasons?

It is very simple most of the time we pick up our phones to watch the notifications, time, short replies, Gps Navigations, etc(Num.2).

So, if you use your phones in that small purpose all the time it will take a large amount of and energy collectively.

Here, the smartwatch helps us to save our time. You can do all the tasks which are in the No.2 activities.

comfort ability cimparison

Note: Some smartwatch( through which you can operate bigger tasks like phone calls and other functions. You may check out the reviews at the bottom of this page.

#. Accessibility

There are lots of smartwatches features are updating almost daily. But is it strong enough to compete on this point against smartphones?

To analyze this we will use some tasks that can be done by them usually.

At first, let’s see the accessibility of smartwatch-

  • Short reply
  • Smart Notifications
  • Gps
  • Activity Tracking

And In the case of smartphones-

  • A Phone call or Video Call
  • Capturing HD Pictures
  • Large Screen Satisfaction
  • All major textual replies
  • Files or folder accessing and many more

So you the smart features using smartwatch but for the majority of tasks required smartphones.

But one point has been reminded and that is water resistance. Yes, most smartwatches provide more than 30 meters of water resistance.

accessibility : of smartwatch vs smartphone

This quality is much better and safer than smartphones.

#. Portability

This is a feature that helps us to create more smart devices.

After a period of time, only portability creates a difference and decides the opportunity to stay in the competition.

Hence, you have to hold your phones from smaller to bigger tasks to be completed.

You may in the gym or driving a car, then it is hard to operate the smartphone in that situation.

There is no doubt that the smartphone is portable than a tablet or laptop but the smartwatch would place one inch upward on the victory stand.

Because you don’t need to hold the device in your hand. Plus, it will be a great feature for them who generally used to forget phones and other accessories.

smartwatch vs smartphone : portability

#. Battery life

No matter what smart devices you are using. No matter how many features it provides but battery life is the priority that we never compromise.

Therefore, almost every smart brand trying to improve it day by day.

In the industry of smartwatch, the majority of the products are able to perform almost 72 hours to 96 hours on a single charge.

Battery Life

And it just because of ample spaces, smaller screens and the functions that are operated by efficient processors.

Thus smartwatch takes less amount of power comparatively.

#. Standalone Ability

This is probably the last stage where the controversy should be defined more.

Practically, can you spend your day by using only a smartwatch? No, you can’t manage each of your necessities.

standalone ability : smartwatch vs smartphone

Throughout you have tons of activity and you can’t use your smartwatch to do those works.

#. Activity Tracking

This features lefts a smartphone behind from smartwatch as most smartwatch various types of activity tracking as-

  • Heart rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Number Of Steps/Day
  • Sleep Tracking, Sports Mode

Of course, smartphones have also these features but there is something that might be wrong.

activity tracking

If smartphones are customized to fit these features then it will be a drawback idea because you wouldn’t want to hold your phone for the whole day.

#. Overall

Well, there are a lot of things that can be considered about smartwatch vs smartphone.

Now that was a test and you guys are really interested to know the results. But before the final marks, you must know that this not the end because the revolution of tech flood will not stop.

We will surely see a lot of updates on the products.

And the requirements depend on our lifestyle and habits so we can’t emphasis the numbers as a final result.

But to make it interesting overall results are given below.

overall : smartwatch vs smartphone

Hopefully, this was enjoyable for you. As we would mention earlier- Our first priority is to solve your problem. In the section below there are a few pieces of articles in which you may be interested. If you think it spicy don’t forget to share this.

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