How A Smartwatch Detects Sleep Activity?

smartwatch detects sleep

How a smartwatch detects sleep activity? If I am not wrong this the question of why you have entered this page, right. Okay, we will discuss the whole process.

Before we jump into the deeper points we should clear on one point that there are some sensors that detect our activity right and anyone could give the answer if he or she has a minimum amount of general knowledge.

Technically it is defined as- a smartwatch tracks all our movements s by using an axis-based(tri-axis) motion.

This axis-based detection procedure generally detects our motion of acts such as heartbeat, blood pressure, fitness and so on which is also called cartography.

But let’s see what are the key points make us more knowledgeable on that topic.

How Does Smartwatch Detect When We Asleep?

As we mentioned in the early passage, this is a procedure called Actigraphy.
I know some of you are really curious about Actigraphy so here is a practical definition-

Actigraphy is a method that is used to detect our sleeping duration by using a movement. Using Actigraphy a tri-axis tries to figure out your own motion while you are sleeping.

In this case, the tri-axis measures all the movements and rotations that we do in the normal time that in our busy schedule and also our sleeping activity.

Now, let’s learn the mechanism if you are interested in otherwise just jumped to the next points-

  • Sleep tracker use actigraphy to track your sleep
  • In the sleep mode, it tracks all the behavior that means movement that you would do while sleeping
  • In the morning it gives a result

What Is The Accuracy Level Of Sleep Detection Of Sleep Detector?

Before the conclusion of this question, you should know the facts which have extracted from some documentary.
First of all, what are the symptoms that are used to measure asleep activity?

There are so many documents where doctors as Dr. Meskó, Margaret Thatcher, and many more have given their statement that measurement of sleep test depends on-

  • Eyeball movement
  • Brain waves
  • Breathing
  • Body Movement
  • Leg Movement
  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen Level

But sleep trackers are programmed by Actigraphy which detects motion.

In that case, You may pretend to sleep or in other words lying in the bed in may not move your leg, hand, or any other parts of the body.

But in the morning you will see that you have several hours have sleep. That means actigraphy can be used to detect your sleep but in one condition.
You have to have a normal sleeping habit. On the other hand, if you have a sleeping disorder then your smart tracker can’t measure it accurately.

Note: If you are trying to measure someone’s sleep who is suffering from sleeping disruption then you can’t measure properly.

What Is The Level Accuracy Of Smartwatch In Other Activities?

While sleep tracking is not too accurate other activities as heart rate, fitness, step tracking, and others are in another bracket.

Because besides sleeping all these activities are directly connected to our motion and movements.

Statistics have shown that if you measure something related to self-progress then your improvement accelerates automatically.

Since, whenever you measure all your data that are related to your fitness activity you become more conscious about your behavior and lifestyle.

An attachment to look at how sleep monitoring works.

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