Why Your Smartwatch Batteries Draining So Fast

Draining batteries in electronic gadgets used to increase while users practice random and unnecessary activities like Poor GPS, display, network settings. 

Mainly, smartwatch batteries drain due to high GPS usage, power-consuming watch faces, online music playing, unnecessary activity tracking, high capacity network connectivity. 

In our previous articles, we have talked about how long does a smartwatch battery last

Now let’s see how these features utilize battery power. Dive into the problem that sounds why your smartwatch batteries draining so fast.

Overuse Of GPS 

Out of 100 top smartwatch brands, you will find GPS in 95. This is the effect of user demand. GPS stands as the 3rd most important advantage available in smartwatches.

But it takes a lot of energy to search, process, and show the data in the form of a graph for you. 

People used to have to access it when they used to drive, or any outdoor travel when they don’t want to use smartphones for searching a location. 

Not only smartwatches but if you use smartphones or tablets with GPS for more than hours you will see a huge drop down in battery. This is because of the live network connectivity processes. 

GPS processing In smartwatches draining battery life

Although a smartwatch is a great device that offers various smart benefits, the capacity of the battery is not equivalent to a smartphone. The overall capacity of the power supply is low in smartwatches, generally 200 mAh to 1500 mAh but smartphones have more than 2000-5000. 

In an experiment, Toms Guide shares a stat of battery life of best smartphone percentage that gives us a data of usage- 

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max stands (12 hour, 16 minutes) 
  • Moto G Power 2021 stands (14:04) 
  • Nubia Redmagic (13:20) 

Battery life is a variable factor for different software and hardware composition. In terms of battery power supply capability, smartphones are way more ahead than smartwatches. 

However, Amazfit GTS 2, Realme Smartwatch Pro, boAt Flash Edition have the best battery life. 

GPS takes a place of processing with more than normal battery usage rate. 

The GPS usage would be a factor to consider if the user is using it daily. 

Listening Online Music Via Bluetooth 

Using Bluetooth on a smartwatch is power consuming but it takes more power if you listen online.

Internet surfing includes Bluetooth connectivity, searching, Sending requests, connecting with servers, and at last content visibility. All this Processing is related to browsing. 

Either Spotify or Google Podcasts you need to wait for networking with the server. As a result the smartwatch takes more energy to stay with the network. 

After 2020, audio contents are getting attention that increases the number of listeners. With the advantages of fitness, users used to listen to their favorite fitness motivation music during jogging or workout. 

On the way to the office one needs to be productive and useful. That’s why you have to have podcasts episodes. 

But all these things take a little bit of extra battery energy. However, you can solve this problem strategically. 

Mobile Phone Synchronization 

One of the main reasons why people used to keep a smartwatch, to manage the smartphone notifications. 

Let’s know how it works. Connecting a smartwatch with a smartphone involves constant data transfer. 

It is not all about replying with texts, voice to messages.

Apps like Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media are easy to operate with the help of some app controllers, available in smartwatch. 

If you are using any third-party apps make sure about the rating and authority of the source, some apps offer the best battery killing disadvantages with fancy services. 

Be conscious towards the health of the smartwatch rather than temporary benefits. 

During your schedule if you use them all day long the background apps will continue the processing. However, this feature has a minimal rate of battery usage than others.

Using Random Watch Faces 

Having an excellent display with some attractive watch faces is cool. But in the power management factor of smartwatch watches display at the top of the power-consuming lists. 

In the power supply management we can see several options to include in the list- control, GPS, User Interface. 

If you are using an Apple watch you may try watch faces like XL, Toy Story, Solar, Vapor, Siri. For Garmin Watch users Home-Fit Thrill, Summit, Not Endura. 

On the other hand, Tizen OS: Breathe, Fresh, Wear OS: Info Black, Active, Facer, Venom satisfy Samsung Galaxy Watch users.

Moreover, you can avoid automatic watch faces to save your battery. 

Attractive watch faces require more battery in smartwatches

The best way to check the battery usage with various watch faces is to try them. There is no specific way to measure which watch faces are less power consuming. 

The best practice is to try a dark background theme with minimal elements.

Yes, it’s hard to choose less Cathy and an unattractive background but you have to choose one between battery life and attractive watch faces. 

Users often used to change the background of this point of view. You can use your favorite watch on active hours and dark themes for inactive hours. 

Technically, OLED, AMOLED screens consume less power with the background as most of the LED’s need to turn to show the screen black. 

That’s why black watch faces are battery friendly. We have a detailed guide to increase smartwatch battery life. You may check it out.

High Amount Of Activity Tracking 

One of the reasons why your electronic wearable draining so fast is Activity tracking or Tracking Sensors appears in the 2nd position power consultation list. Sensors are highly interactive and process huge amounts of data.  

With the help of pedometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, smartwatches track steps, calories burnt, HR rate, sleep, blood pressure, stress level and so on. 

Sensors used to track data from our activities and store it. Later it processes the record on the basis of a fitness algorithm. Thus we get our improvement and remaining targets from the fitness app. 

Modern power supply management in smartwatches are getting smart after every hardware upgrade. Still It’s difficult to reduce the specific amount of power to process those recorded data. 

Hence it’s easy if you use the trackers smartly. Now, you are using a smartwatch and I am telling you to use a smartwatch smartly. 

What does it mean 🤔? 

That means Turn your tracking sensors on while you want to track your activities. Such as you can minimize the Heart Rate Record time duration, sleep tracking. 

There are several tracking errors in smartwatches. Driving and riding an escalator could be considered as steps in your smartwatch- yes smartwatch is smart but it is not capable of differentiating similar activities sometimes. 

Therefore by enabling the tracking mode only active hours you can get benefit twice, perfection in tracking and battery saving. 

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