Is Smartwatch Worth It In Practical Sense In 2021? | Tech Experts and Users Opinion

If you want to explore some interesting technologies then a smartwatch is the ideal option for you available right now.

We have seen that whenever people got curious about wearable technology, they search Is the smartwatch Worth it? Hundreds of people asked this question have asked that. Basically, people have seen this type of gadget before but kids, they found this smart gadget fancy, having a lack of longevity. Some find a few features useless.

Well then are smartwatches worth it? In short, if anyone wants features like operating mobile notifications, phone calls, GPS, fitness tracking, health tracking (Sleep, Blood Pressure, HR Rate, etc.) using a smart wristwatch then a smartwatch would be worth but up to $500.

The reason why, I am emphasizing the price is people buy $1000, $2000, and even more than $5000 smartwatches that’s not necessarily important. You can get all the benefits in smartwatches below the mentionable rate with accuracy, and efficiency.

Generally, smartwatches are a little bit different than fitness trackers. It adds a few other professional benefits, and that is the reason why you have to spend at least $50 to get a decent smartwatch. But for only fitness tracking facilities, you can use fitness trackers

How Smartwatch Makes Our Lifestyle Better

Smartwatches are created to make our lifestyle better performing with the help of various smart features. Now, you can watch your mobile notification, answer a message, attend phone calls, fitness tracking, crucial health factor, GPS, and so on.

Developers have seen that a small wristwatch can help us in a more meaningful technical way than a traditional one.

Smartwatches make lifestyle better

In the last 10 years, smart gadgets like smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart cars, and also smart homes have become is a trend for us. People love to use them in the day to day schedules.

Sometimes, we ask something that sounds obvious but doubts should be clear before any technology in your lifestyle. You would be surprised after hearing, that the phrase “uses of a smartwatch” has been asked more than 50 thousand times around the web.

Well, how smartwatch upgrades our lifestyle! Here are the Advantages of having a smartwatch.

All Day Control Navigation

Control navigations are the most advance technical advantage in our life. Throughout the day, we have a lot of work to do, you want to perform well all the time, in this schedule, is it not beneficial to have a digital instructor?

Control Navigation of Smartwatch

Yes, what you have to do is nothing but schedule your reminder, and go for the day. There will be no mistake from digital fellow, it will remind you what to do and When to do it.

To tell the truth, if you’re leading a super professional lifestyle it will be your best friend.

Use Smartphones Without Having It Hand

If you calculate the total amount of time per day to open the phone from the pocket, and put it into the pocket after using it, it will take nearly 15-30 minutes.

Well, it sounds crazy but do you really want to use 15 minutes of your day for just picking, up and putting off the phone, hopefully not.

Use Smartphone help of smartwatch

Sometimes, it feels ridiculous when you are in a difficult situation such as holding lots of shopping bags outdoor and suddenly you feel the vibration in your pocket, and you are guessing it could be important.

Tell me, how will you feel if it’s a random and unimportant notification?

To solve this problem, developers have given facilities to sync your phone with your smartwatch. Now, every time you will got a notification it will pop up on your smartwatch display.

Smart Functions For Complex Problems

Using a smartwatch you can not only view the updates but you can also react to them. Such as you can reply to messages, make a phone calls, GPS tracking commands, and so on.

This feature proves life-saving for some cases, during driving most of the accidents to occur due to phone calls received, Yes, taking on the phone is no reason for the accident.

While you give attention to the mobile screen for 1-2 seconds there is a mishap waiting for you. Hence, take advantage of it if you are prone to phone calls during driving.

Use It As A Technical Spy

You can find anything that is integrated into your smartwatch. Suppose you have lost your smartphone, and could not able to remember the last location, your smartwatch will help you, in that case, using GPS tracking.

Track Your Most Precious Wealth (Health Tracking)

In the last 5 years, smartwatches have put a huge impact on the fitness industry. It means that’s the gadget that fitness-oriented people ask for.

Biologically, you can do anything to maintain your fitness but it was quite hard to measure the improvement. You know there are many things to do during the training sessions, and random physical activities can make your health worse than the present situation.

Health monitoring using smartwatch

Here, the smartwatch plays the role of Digital Fitness Coach. It will train when you should do the cardio, or how you are behind to your daily targets with different sports modes.

Don’t worry about the types of exercise as smartwatches provide more than 15 Sports modes on average, such as cycling, biking, jogging, cardio, yoga, swimming, and so on.

It has everything to measure your fitness- sleep tracking, Heart rate monitoring, Calories burnt, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Oxygen level, etc.

Moreover, it records everything that you can see in your fitness app, where you can see how you are improving daily, weekly, and monthly, what could be your next targets, and motivational quotes to motivate you during working hours.

What else do you need from a Smartwatch?

What Is The Purchase Rate Of A Smartwatch?

In 2019, smartwatch vendors have sold more than 20 million pieces in the United States. Smartwatch has now a vanity for youths and their seniors also.

The Smartwatch market has been leveraged by Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, Humai, etc. People who have a sufficient budget around our culture are used to buying an electronic Smart Wearable.

According to 7.6 million smartwatch shipments have been done where Apple is the top smartwatch vendor.

However, Samsung is just two million-unit away from Apple.

Impacts Of Smartwatches On Our Daily Life


Smartwatches are no longer less important for our daily life now. It helps us to smooth our life, and saves time during a super busy schedule.

From the office to school-goers have benefited in their daily life. From jogging to weight lifting a fitness tracker will influence you to do what is required to achieve a certain fitness level.

Patients are protected under the care of heart rate monitors, blood pressure watches, and sleep detectors.

These features have proved a boon for medical patients. But each element has pros and cons.

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Most often we neglect the negative side effects of technology. But we strongly recommend you to check these points-

  • EMF Radiation
  • Blue Light Effect
  • Memory Issues
  • Over Sleep
  • Over Feeding

The rest of the part is here “Side Effect Of Using Smartwatch“.

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Experts And User Opinions About Worthiness Of Smartwatch

Hardik Gada (Apple Product Review Expert) – Find Him On Instagram

“Partially yes for those who use it for health and fitness It’s absolutely worth it
Rest I don’t see any useful thing”

Stefan Stan (CEO and Advertising Executive @vitcore.electronics) – Find Him On Instagram

“The Smartwatch had become an important gadget for shoppers aged 14-85, but is not easy to debug it; if something wrong appears for them, so the best shoppers are aged 25-45; these are part of the boom generation, and they are the most serious buyers.” 

Getla Rajendra Prasad

“Smart Watches Story is Pretty Different, like There are Smartwatches which are just like Smart bands and on other side there are actual Smartwatches like amazfit, Fitbit, Apple and Oppo.”


Smart watches are worth it and also not. They’re worth for users domiciled in advanced economies where there is an integral amelioration in technology and end user experience in areas where smart watches tend to realistically have an impact in daily activities. On the other hand, smart watches are needless to consumers in third world economies where technology is but just an idea in mind and not a reality checkpoint. From the little I know, users of smart watches third world economies are purely those who want to prove a point in social status but in practicality, it’s just not a technology that have an proper functionality in such third world economies.

Wrapping Up

When you used to plan to insert technology in your daily schedule, it must be known that you are the only person who is responsible for positive and negative points.

However, after the end of the whole discussion we have reaches a point that says the smartwatch puts a great impact on our daily life.

In the following paragraphs, we have attached experts’ opinions according to your query.

Hopefully, that was helpful for you. Don’t be chief to share this article.

Is Wearing A Smartwatch Bad For You?

Every wireless device is harmful to you. Smartwatch emits comparatively way more low radiation than a smartphone. The trick is you have to use it wisely. Learn more about it by clicking the question above.

Why Should You Buy A Smartwatch?

Smartwatch helps us to lead a smart and healthy life. It tracks and guides you to follow your routine, meetings, and fitness. In addition, you can access your smartphone using smartwatches.