Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatch All The Time? (Definite Guide)

Tracking gadgets work well if you use them when you are active. To expand this concept our team members are focusing on a topic called- Is it safe to wear smartwatch all the time?

In short, no, it’s not healthy to wear a smartwatch all the time as it emits several harmful radiation, light effects but there is some tricks to avoid it.

To avoid the side effects of smartwatch we have sort out quick steps to follow that is discussed in the last point.

How Smartwatch Work On Our Body To Tracking Activities

Smartwatches are made by several sensors to track different kind of phisical internal, and external activities.

Activities are tracked by different sensors such as gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, pedometer, bio-metric sensor.

All day long, it tracks your body movements, and locomotion. From step tracking to sleep tracing can be tracked by sensors in-build in the gadget.

But tracking works on sensitive wave that must be passed through your body. However, this wake is not as harmful as UV rays, or radiations.

Advantages Of Wearing Smartwatch

Facilities are everywhere in smart wearables. After starting your day you can just simply enjoy the tracking without any hesitation. The night sleep tracking is perfectly recoreded, now it’s time to track daily activities.

Well, throughout the day, you can track every single steps using step tracking, and internal activities through sensors. Followings are the advantages of a smartwatch-

Mobile App Syncronization

This feature is extremely beneficial for professionals. It’s hard to pick up the from the pocket frequently, that’s why smartwatch works like a connector here. Any app in your smartphone can be used from the smartwatch- Gmail, Social Media notifications are managable from there.


GPS is an excellent benefit on a smartwatch. It heps to find your current location, or targeted location. In addition, you can find out your smartphone with the help of your smartwatch.

Listen To Music

Your favorite music tracks are now on your wrist. You can listen to your favorite music from your preferred platform Spotify, Apple Music, Ganna, aud so on. You can access to the music list in offline from internal memory of your smartwatch.

Reply To Messages, And Phone Calls

Call and messages are easily available on smartwatches. The phone calls are easy to access. Messages are not for see but you can reply to it also.

Fitness Trackings

This is the main reason why people used to buy smartwatch. Multiple fitness trackings are available on this device- step tracking, calories burnt, fitness improvements, advice to improve fitness on the analytic.

Different sports mode such as run, cycling, climbing, swimming, jogging, gym, etc. Most smartwatches offer more than 15 sports mode.

Health Trackings

Smartwatches are now available for critical health diseases. Using a smartwatch you check sleep quality, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, SpO2, etc. If you wamt to know more about advantages of a smartwatch read from here.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Smartwatch

The list of advantages of this gadget is comparetively long than disadvantages. But this tiny disadvantages are highly responsible for health, and mind issues.

Technically, smartwatch is a great device that makes our life easy, and simple. However, every coin has two surface, in that case smartwatches has also some disadvantages that are highly harmful in long term prospective.

First of all, smartwatches emits EMF radiation, and EMF radiation is not healthy for your brain, and nerve.

On the other hand, the Blue Light Effect is equally harmful for eye disease. To prevent this you have to read how to avoid side effects of smartwatch.

Where we have discussed several important solution to this particular problem.

Moreover, in the last point we have clearly mentioned how to use smartwatches smartly to protect health, and minds. Continue reading for more clarity.

How Long Should We Wear A Smartwatch Per Day

There is no definite rules or guidelines to limit the daily uses of smartwatch but the better practice says to use the 5.5 to 6.6 hours daily with mobile netowork connectivity. Without network connectivity it harms much more less.

Then Bluelight effets could be a little but harmful to eyes which managable somehow using internal settings.

I am a pratical of example of laptop as well as smartphone user for long hours. Literally, it feels painful if you use smartphone, tablet or laptop for more than 10 hours daily.

According to Time Of India Reports, we should not use smartphone for more than 18-24 minutes a day, less than 7 years are not eligible to use it as it causes brain cancer or tumer.

Similarly, Smartwatches have same types of issues because it absord infrarred signal from wifi. Use the mobile app integrations, network connectivity strategically.

Smartly Use A Smartwatch To Protect Health And Mind

Not only smartwatch but whole technology, mobile network affecting living beings. But we can’t avoid these gadgets.

Then we have no other option but wisely use them to reduce the negative effect. If you want to use a smartwatch smartly you have to pick and wear it when the requirement would be high enough.

Smartwatch brands will suggest you wear it 24/7 hours to get the best results. Even you are not permitted to leave it at bedtime.

Thus, you get all the activity trackings such as Step, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, Heart Rate, And Sleep also. Now, tell us one thing, do you really need all these trackings all day?

Technically, you may not need all this tracking such as Spo2(Blood Oxygen Level) is a special feature that may not require all the time, you can check for a while, and disable the tracking after using it.

On the other hand, sleep tracking could be beneficial for you if you feel something wrong with your sleep. Sleep tracking is built especially for those who are suffering from a sleeping disease (Insomnia, sleep apnea, etc.).

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But still, if you want to check your sleep quality you can wear it at night for a couple of days per week.

Here is some quick tips to-

Use A Smartwatch Safely

  • Use it whenever you need it most
  • Avoid Warning Smartwatch Everyday Night
  • Turn On Wifi, Bluetooth Only Active Hours
  • Manage Brightness To Protect Retina(Eye)
  • Reset Notification For Distraction On Working Hours

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