How Do You Maximize Your Smartwatch? Increase Smartwatch Lifetime

At first we consider the battery life, power supply, watt ratings, and cell composition but then seek- how do you maximize your smartwatch? This topic has been asked a lot from our fellow members, well, finally we have sorted out some unique tips that you can use to increase the life span of your smartwatch.

It’s not chief if you bought a quality smartwatch then you can easlity manage your time to take your smart wearble.

On this page, we have talked about how you can maximize the battery life of smartwatch as well other crucial cares for hardware, starps, and designs. Keep it reading to get nore out of it.

Turn On Automatic Power Saving Limits

If you are using your smartwatch then you must have used the power saving mode or different battery power level for it.

Thanks to modern power savings technologies that offer multiple smart feature in charging such as smart charging, auto disconnect after full charge, power savings mode.

If you have the benefits of control you power savings automatic on a certain limit you must set it, thus you can reduce all the processing on your smartwatch.

During low battery, it hard to get highest pick potentical of the gadget if you forget to enable the power saving it seems out of capacity for the battery to operate all the processing on the gadget. Therefore it worthy to use auto power savings mode.

Smartly Manage Notification

Notifications can be useful feature if you want it from them. Equally, it may destroy your attention, hence during working hours you can turn it off.

In that case, at first you can turn off the Bluetooth, GPS and WIFI because the sustem will alaways find the signal from your smartphone.

This automation signal seeking processing waste a lot energy from the gadget. Instead you can just turn if off from settings on the smartwatch. Thus, you ca save a lot of enerygy / battery usage.

Keep It Turn Off For 2Hours / Week

The tactics is simple Why you turn on your laptop or desktop after few hours? To cool the device, it like a rest you give to the processors, and circuits, and CPU. This Power off mode is healthy for computers.

Then why we should not apply the rule for werable computers (Smartwatches). Your smart handy watch that you call smartwatch needs rest becuase it is also a processing device.

But it is not possible to Power Off it frequently, nothing wrong with it, you can give complete 2 hours Power Off Mode once per week.

Brightness, And Watch Faces Drain Your Battery

Fluorocent lights looks excellent on the wrist, especially at night. That’s what the use of the AMOLED display right! But you can make it more lengthen by utilizing the brightness.

You know you don’t need high amount of brightness. From to afternoon you use slight low brightness but after that reset it on the basis of your requirement.

Most smartwathces left the brightness settings on the “Display Settings” section, check , and set it for better performance.

On the other hand, out of hudrends of watch faces you can choose some watch faces those are less power consuming. To find out the best watch face, you have to test them out, there is no trick to indentify it. Just play with customization.

It’s better to chosse eye-friendly colors, and designs as it effects you moods also.

Avoid Unnecessary Applications

App’s is not only a problem on smartwath but smartphone, tablets are also fall into that category. Being high processing, Power consumption from Applications are normal that’s you can use them as wisely as possible.

There are multiple Apps that you may not use once per month or even a year also therefore you can temporarily disable it. It will increase your battery life, and efficiency also.

In the App Galary, or Local App store you can see hundrends of lucrative Apps but here you must consider the authenticity, and trust.

It sounds obvious but we are emphasizing it becuase smartwatch software’s are not as strong as smartphone, any harmful application could harm the overall performance of your gadget.

For Long Lasting Clean The Straps, And Display

We neglect but electronics need care. Every electronic device such as laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, banknote counter, etc. should be clean to remove dust and other unnecessary particles that would be harmful to hardware.

In the case, of watches or smartwatches, we must clean the straps to prevent infection and other metallic reactions that could damage the internal hardware.

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Technically, sweat, water, and dust are not suitable for internal circuits, on the other hand, the wearable reflects a certain percentage of personality. Hence, it’s beneficial to clean it at least once per week.

Smartwatch Clean Tip In Brief

To clean your smartwatch, you need to de-assemble the strap from the dial. After that, you are safe from the damage of the internal mechanisms. You use soapy water, and a soft brush- then gently clean the corner, and curves in the straps.

After cleaning it with freshwater dry it with a drier, or you can use tissue paper. On the other hand, the display, and the watch case are sensitive hence it would not be a better idea to use soapy water in it.

Rather you can use wetter cloth, and isopropyl alcohol to clean with safety. Don’t be too worried about it as most smartwatches are water-resistant.

At the end leave it in the open air for a couple of minutes, and assemble the straps. Now, your clean, fresh, and glorified watch are ready to wear.

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