Do Smartwatches Cause Anxiety? 

The relation between anxiety and technology is negligible. Similarly, one of our subscribers asked – Do Smartwatches cause anxiety? 

Out of hundreds of opinions and statements, we found different kinds of advice but in a simple way- 

With radiation, Smartwatches shows fitness stats that are not 100% accurate however users used to take it seriously which appears as a cause of anxiety. Although it can be solved with some basic practices. 

Well, with this short summary we have a detailed copy too. 

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Problems Could Appear With The Use Of Smartwatch 

Like other electronic gadgets, smartwatches have their own problems that can occur with overuse. In one of our previous articles, we have shared the topic of the negative effects of smartwatches

But we are leaving a short summary in the following passage. 

There are mainly two types of side effects in a smartwatch. 

  • Physical Side Effects 
  • Mental / Psychological  Side Effects 

In the physical side effects one can face headache, overfeeding, effort on Retina, etc. 

Technically, a smartwatch is extremely useful but it emits a certain amount of radiation. 

For long hours of usage, one can face problems like headaches. From there people used to be moody, and unsocial. 

On the other hand, very few watches are AMOLED. Without LED protection, watch displays reflect Blue light which is harmful to the eye. 

The side effects of a smartwatch you can see some effects on children and patients with some specific diseases. 

To know more about it read the article mentioned at the beginning of the point. Where we have shared a detailed guide on the – 

  • Types of Smartwatch Side Effects 
  • How Smartwatch May Harm Ourselves 
  • How To Use A Smartwatch Safely 

What Is The Main Cause Behind Anxiety Through Gadgets? 

More Than 5 billion people are using gadgets all over the globe. According to newzoo, China is the biggest smartphone users unit, India, the USA, Indonesia are standing in the top 5 positions. 

However, technology brings positive and negative effects on mankind. 

With excessive use of gadgets like smartwatches, smartphones, laptops, computers one can suffer from back pain, spondylitis, problem in the retina, and so on. 

An Entrepreneurship and Technology College, Berkeley had mentioned in one of their articles 92% of adults are using social networks/media most of the time in the USA.

Here you can see the growth of usage of different platforms on the internet

Naturally, kids and teenagers are affected by technology. But there are a lot of points that go with each and every one. 

Let’s take a look at the points below-

Effects On Kids 

  • Aggressive Behavior 
  • Negative Influences Development 
  • Deflecting From Play And Learning 
  • Seeking Instant Gratification

Effects On Overall Populations

  • Communication Gap
  • Disturbed Sleep 
  • Decreased Energy Level 
  • Increased Obesity

Again, all the problems above can appear with excessive use of smartwatch. 
Although, the smartwatch is made for multiple health-friendly purposes it brings few problems. 

Teenagers are way more curious about trendy gadgets than adults. 
For curiosity’s sake, they used to explore And try every possible feature available in smartwatches. 

This may cause time waste, lack of concentration, communication gap between parents and children, offensive Or aggressive behavior, And so on. 

Long Term Side Effects Of Anxiety 

Anxiety could leave a long-term effect on mental health. If a person is suffering from anxiety for a long period of time then diseases like 

  • heart attack
  • Lack of immunity
  • Memory issues
  • Migraines

could be in the upcoming list. 

Above were the long-term effects and the short-term effects of anxiety are stomach problems, dizziness, muscle aches, body shaking, and so on.  

Now, all these points are subordinates of the main problem called Anxiety. 

These simple and common issues can turn into serious conditions that may spell out as phobia.

Each and every point mentioned above is equally harmful to any professional career.

Therefore it’s important to consider it as a serious problem of your lifestyle. 

In terms of fitness wearable or smartwatch, we get both a fit and anxious mind. 

The main reason why we are describing the smartwatch as a source of anxiety is the negative impact of activity tracking on our psychology. 

Most often people take the number of steps, blood pressure, and sleep 100% accurately but there is a little difference. 

To know more check the accuracy level of smartwatch step counts.

How To Reduce Anxiety While Using Gadget Like Smartwatch

With globalization and industrialization technology has become an indistinguishable part of our culture. 

After covid-19, the internet Or web is the most useful medium for office-goers to students. 
Users between 7-15 age are affected more than any other age group. 

According to statistics, about 95% of teenagers have access to smartphones. To avoid problems like anxiety- 

Say No To Smartwatch or Smartphone Before 1hour To Sleep At Night 

One of the biggest mistakes people do practice is to hang on with their smartphones.

Yeah! We like to watch movies on Netflix or play PUBG at midnight but at the same time are allowing to destroy our sleep qualify. 

Having low-quality sleep you would be on your expected potential to perform well. 
Moreover, a moody, stressed, messy mind is also natural in overnight smartphone users. 

Leaving smartphones before sleeping is healthy behavior. 

The same conditions apply to smartwatches And other electronic gadgets. Exploring interesting features, checking sleep duration in a smartwatch is one of the common habits. 

By reducing these habits one can have quality sleep that will enhance the mental health of the person. 

Limit Gadget Usage Time 

We can’t control our mind but an alarm could. Internet is a medium where people get the most relevant And interesting information Or content. 

For a normal user, it’s hard to avoid the temptation at that time. 
If you can set a reminder it will pull you out from the media platform or gadget. 

Take Advantage Of Technology When The Requirement Is High Enough

Technical stuff makes complex tasks easy. But it also reduces our efforts to learn and explore new things with developing the power of the brain. 

You can use it smartly. Let’s learn it with an example. 

Suppose you have faced a hard mathematical problem in your syllabus. But instead of trying students often search for the solution on the internet. 
It may solve your problem initially but in long run, it decreases your progress.

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