Can You Replace A Smartwatch Battery?

Users often get confused to replace the battery of the smartwatch. Well, it’s pretty much easy if you follow the steps carefully. Straight dive into your question-

Yes, we can replace the battery of a smartwatch with the help of a razer, Adhesive Glues, screwdriver.

Points Must-Know Before Replacing Any Smartwatch Battery 

Batteries in a smartwatch are replaceable but it is only when you need to it change them permanently. There are hundreds of macro circuit joints that can break due to random assemblies.

Generally, we used to prefer an expert to do the task but a normal user can also replace the batteries by obeying the sensitive assemble, dismantle procedure. 

Avoid Using Incompatible Batteries

If you want to experiment with your smartwatch then you can try different types of batteries for it but it is highly recommended to use the most preferable battery by the brand of your smartwatch or fitness tracker. 

Apple Watch has Apple Lithium-ion, Fitbit offers Fitbit Surge (Li-Pol), Garmin has Garmin Li-Ion Battery Pack, in DZ09 you have 3.7V Li-ion Polymer 380mAh batteries. 

The whole mechanism and power supply are related to each other. It’s healthy to use the branded batteries as far as possible.

Otherwise, you may find functional disturbance over time.

Many users have reported that they are facing unnatural power cuts after changing their smartwatch batteries, in most cases, the reason appears that they have chosen an incompatible battery.

Don’t Use Fire, Unnessary Sharpe Weapon 

Usually, we use knives, wire cutters, pins, needles to disassemble an electronic device, of course, it is easy, and handy when you have no other instrument near in your hand.

But in the case of smartwatches, you can not guarantee that the display is completely safe. 

Yes, you can use fire to warm it up, it’s helpful to increase the volume of the back cover that eases the process.

But you are not an expert at it, how you will measure the temperature limit. Share instruments may bring quick solutions. 

However, any scratches on the back cover cause irritation during wearing it on the wrist. On the other hand, accidental display scratches are waiting for you.

Hence, avoid these instruments. In the battery replacement process, the best practice is to follow the guideline of the smartwatch brand.

Continue It On A Table Work 

We know you are in hurry, and that’s why don’t want to sit. But it is better to sit at a table with a table mat. At any cost, we want to protect your display.

During the replacement process, one’s whole concentration is on the battery and the back cover.

Perfect, now sit on the table where you are safe from falling the gadget down. Also, don’t forget to keep away from water glasses.

This is a common tip but users faced these types of mishaps often. Now, you are totally ready to replace the batteries of any smartwatch. 

Replace Only When It Is Needed 

As we know, smartwatches batteries are different than normal watches. It is rechargeable therefore you need not change it often.

Once it’s manufactured users are free to use it until the life span of the battery is not finished. 

If you are facing any type of power supply disturbance check it for a while but for other issues batteries are not responsible.

During that process, many users keep battery unsafe outside. Reaction with water, air (Steam, other molecules) affects the battery capacity.

As a result, the chemical compositional difference often reduces the number of unstable Ions. 

How To Replace The Battery Of A Smartwatch? 

Replacement of Smartwatch batteries varies from brand to brand, and even model to model. In fitness trackers, the batteries are often come in coin cell size, attached to the back cover.

But in smartwatches like Apple, Fossil, Samsung Galaxy watches, Garmin, etc. we can see Li-Ion batteries attached to the back cover. 

The Basic Process is- 

  • Take a Razer 
  • Cut The Side Glue To Dismental Display, and Back Case 
  • Take Screw Driver, and Open The Locks Beside The Battery 
  • Using Screw Driver Pull Up The Battery Slightly 
  • Now, Unlock The Power Supply Joint From The Smartwath 
  • Remove The Old Battery 
  • In The New Battery There Must-Have A Power Supply Joint 
  • Lock It With Same Place With The Smartwatch 
  • Place The Battery (You May Use Glue To Make It Stick On Place)
  • Lock The Side Joints 
  • Check The Charging
  •  If Everything works well attach the display with Adhesive Glues Like B-7000, Pidilite Fevitite Standard, J-B Weld 8276 Kwik Weld
  • And You Are Ready To Use It

Life Span Of A Smartwatch Battery 

Depending on uses, smartwatch batteries are generally used to last up to 2-3.5 years. But you can increase the life span of any rechargeable battery by taking care of it. 

Such as you can charge it well when the batteries are below 20%, enabling power saving mode while you are not actively tracking, or engaging with someone on your smartwatch.

Although smartwatches are water-resistant still you should keep away from them. 

People often neglect temperature control but you should do it. Don’t leave it in sun rays for 4-5 hours, it is not healthy for your smartwatch battery. 

What Is The Best Battery Type For Smartwatches 

Previously, we have seen that rechargeable batteries were made of Lithium Polymer.

Nowadays, we have more advanced technologies. Brands have emphasized making the batteries better as the users are not satisfied with it.

Hence, now we have Lithium-Ion or say Li-Ion batteries that take less time to charge, and stay longer than the previous prototype. 

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