Are Phone Step Trackers Accurate? (Quick Reading To Detailed Analyze)

Using a smartphone you have also taken the advantage of step trackers but still, users also bothered and ask- are phone step trackers accurate enough? That’s we have done a detailed survey on it. However, you will get the answer within 4 minutes of quick reading.

But if you are in hurry here is the short answer for you. The accuracy of the step tracker in smartphones is pretty much less accurate than fitness trackers. Having a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer fitness trackers calculate data more accurately.

How Mobile Apps Or Smartphone Tracks Steps

If you are using 5 years old smartphone then your smartphone must have step tracking ability. After 2020 people have become more active to measure their fitness activities. That’s is the reason why smartphone brands are updating their hardware to monitor the steps of the users.

But how do smartphones track steps? To track steps accelerometer is used as a pedometer to measure the movements of the users. Generally, the Accelerometer is an in-build hardware component in, modern smartphones.

Whenever you take steps it tracks your body movements and records the data in the app memory, later you can check the results.

Now, some brands offer the results in the form of a graph in your in-build step tracking app, but you can also use the step tracking App from your app store.

Some people face issues with third-party step tracking applications. No solution to this problem because either your smartphone is built without an accelerometer or the app location is not compatible with the OS version of your smartphone.

How Fitness Tracker Track Steps

In wearable gadgets, we can get the obvious option- step tracking. Especially, fitness trackers are designed to measure different types of body movements. Accelerometer, Gyroscope, pedometer, bio-metric sensor- track different types of body movement.

It can distinguish walk, running, jog, swim, and other sports activities. In 2022, we can few more tracking advantages.

Accuracy Difference Between Fitness Tracker, Vs Smartphone

Technically, both devices are optimized to give the best result but there are some drawbacks to the smartphone.

It can’t separate different types of steps, moreover, you have to carry it with yourself all the time to get the results.

But fitness tracker is handy, and comparatively more easy to use anywhere. On the other hand, it has a few more technologies to calculate the data.

What Is The Better Choice

Both devices are great, you can use your smartphone to track steps but our suggestion is to go with a fitness tracker if you want more accurate results. There are lots of quality fitness trackers you can use for it.

But it’s not chief you have to spend at least 50 dollars to get a quality fitness tracker, don worry we have collected the best fitness trackers under $50 for you to save your time, and budget, check it out.

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