Mixed Reality Headset Launch Is Delayed Due To Complex Design

Mixed Reality Headset Launch Is Delayed

In the official announcement, we have seen that there is a problem for gamers as Apple’s mixed reality headset launch is delayed. If we look back to the reality headsets advantages, we could see that it might come with 100-200 grams weight, onboard storage, and computing capabilities. On the other hand, there are few other … Read more

Mind-Blowing Benefits In Amazfit T-Rex Pro Specifications

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Specifications

In the recent few weeks, Amazfit T-Rex Pro specifications are snatching the attention of watch lovers. There are hundreds of smartwatch brands in the market but Amazfit has a particular dedicated user base. Unlike other smartwatches, Amazfit creates dynamic functional smartwatches that appear in a hybrid look. We have seen thousands of comments about Amazfit … Read more