SZBXD Kids Smartwatch | Be Close To Your Child

Smartwatches are not too easy to buy especially when kids smartwatch is your priority. SZBXD Kids Smartwatch Detailed Review is the page where we have collected the best kids’ smartwatch with safety.

Because Electronics gadgets are not as safe as we think. It could be harmful unless we choose the best smartwatch at The proper recommendate age.

But no need to worry, SZBXD Kids Smartwatch provides LBS/AGPS location tracker, Two-Way call, SOS Emergency call, Remote Monitor, Camera Record, And so on.

Why You Should Buy SZBXD Kids Smartwatch?

Look, I am convincing you to buy this particular smartwatch but you must consider some important features before taking a kids’ smartwatch.

  • Advantages
  • Safety
  • The Side Effects

And this smartwatch is totally designed for kids that fulfilled all these criteria.

SZBXD Kids Smartwatch: Specifications

SZBXD Kids Smartwatch: Specifications

Recommended For: 3-12 Years

SZBXD Kids Smartwatch: Kids-Friendly Advantages

Stay Connected To Your Child With LBS/GPS

Using these Features you need not ask your child about his/her location.

With the help of the Local Base Station (LBS), you can track the actual location with known landmarks.

Stay Connected To Your Child With LBS/GPS

Now, your kids are in your absolute monitoring.

To complete the process, kids’ smartwatch has to be connected with your smartphone apps.

Call By Pressing One Button (With SOS Emergency)

In any situation, your kids could contact you by pressing only one SOS button.

That means you are too close to your kids.

Call By Pressing One Button (With SOS Emergency)

It seems casual but for some of our customers, it works as a boon because they protected their kids using that feature.

The Two-Way Call

Your kids could make and receive the call via a smartwatch and voice chat system.

You can cultivate a kid’s family affection consciousness from childhood, help children solve problems in time, share happiness with family, and bring the child closer to the parent.

Other Useful Features

  • Remote Monitor
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Waterproof
  • Alarm clock
  • Camera Record
  • Digital games
  • Calculator
  • Flash Night Light

This smartwatch would bring a healthy, and beneficial childhood for your child.

SZBXD Kids Smartwatch: Pros And Cons

> Digital games> Overall Functioning Can Be Improved
> Flash Night Light
> The Two-Way Call
> Location Track

How to set it up? 

  1. Insert a correct micro-sim card. 
  2. download the application SeTracker2. 
  3. Register with the registration ID on the back cover of the watch. 
  4. Log in and get all the features. 

How to set the time? 

  1. watch worn to the outdoor GPS positioning, you can calibrate the time 
  2. Use your cellphone to calibrate your watch: SMS sent successfully watch will reply to the phone. Restart the watch after replying to the message. 
  3. Send SMS reset time

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