Fitbit Alta HR Review, Specs, Fitness Tracking Advantages

When it comes to fitness tracking Fitbit comes in the Top 5 lists. Today, we are going to talk about one of the innovative models of Fitbit: Fitbit Alta HR.

On this page, we are going to discuss the Fitbit Alta HR review, specifications, and Fitness tracking advantages. Here, we have discussed the release date to the battery life of the fitness tracker.

Let’s dive into the page.

Fitbit Alta HR: Pros And Cons

Heart Rate TrackingDisplay Size
Step TrackingWater Resistibility
Battery Life 
Light Weight 

Like other fitness trackers Fitbit Alta Hr has highly positive fitness and health tracking facilities We would like to reward Heart rate tracking, Step tracking, and Battery life for up to 7 days.

Moreover, the design and the weight is suitable for sportsmanship and athletic behaviors.
However, the display is too small and thin to see the text/messages.

It causes difficulties to operate the touch functions. Lastly, the water resistibility of the Alta HR is lower than other fitness trackers. Fitbit Alta HR comes with only a splashproof guard which is a tiny resistance against water.

In short, Fitbit Alta is a good choice if you want to get started on physical exercises like running, jogging, and walking. The battery life and Heart Rate tracking are impressive in that price range.

Fitbit Alta HR Price

As usual, you have to choose the Colors and Sizes of Fitbit Alta HR and then you will get the price list. In Fitbit Alta HR we have two sizes Small and large with 5 individual colors available on Amazon.



Fitbit Alta HR In Black Color

Pink Rose Gold

Fitbit Alta HR Pink Rose Gold


Fitbit Alta HR in Fuchsia Color

Blue Gray

Fitbit Alta HR Blue or Gray


Fitbit Alta HR Coral


Note: Prices used to change over time. Kindly visit Amazon Store to check the current Price of Fitbit Alta HR. For instance, you can find other dealers too. The Alta HR is available on Walmart and eBay.

Fitbit Alta HR Specifications/Features

Syncing Method Bluetooth And Wifi 
Water Protection TypeSplashproof
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Width0.6 inch
Length1.6 inch
Body MaterialStainless Steel 
Weight22.68 gm
Vibrating AlertYes
Service and Support1 Year
Max Operating Temperature-10ºC to 45ºC
Syncing Range6.1m 

Tracker: Surgical-grade Stainless Steel; Buckle: Aluminum 

Memory CapacitySaves Daily Total Up-to: 30 Days; Saves 7 Days Motion Date
Sensor 3-Axis accelerometer, Vibration motor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor 
Included Material Fitbit Alta HR Tracker, Classic Band, Charging Cable
Available ColorsBlack, Pink Rose Gold, Fuchsia, Blue Gray, Coral

Fitbit Alta HR comes with an OLED display with plastic material. Unfortunately, we can’t get gorilla glass in it. The width: is 0.6 inches, length: is 1.6 inches; that is pretty much good for flexible body moment.

It weighs 22.68 gm with splashproof water resistibility protection and -10ºC to 45ºC maximum operating temperature. In wireless connectivity, you have Bluetooth, Wifi, 6.1m syncing range, and Android and iOS compatibility.

Including surgical-grade Stainless steel body material, and 1 year of warranty. The memory capacity of this tracker is saved for up to 30 days.

Let’s talk about the Activity tracking sensors. We can get Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Vibration Motor, and 3-Axis Accelerometer.

Fitbit Alta HR is available in 6 different colors:

  1. Black
  2. Pink Rose Gold
  3. Fuchsia
  4. Blue Gray
  5. Coral

Batteries And Charging

Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Charging Time 1-2 Hours
Battery CapacityUp-to 7 Days

Fitbit Alta HR battery cell composition is built with lithium-Polymer. Now, it takes 1 hour to 2 hours to get fully charged. The charging method is easy and simple to operate. With a USB cord single charge you can use Fitbit Alta HR for up to 7 days.

With a Heart Rate tracker, we have to say that 5+ days of battery life is a huge advantage.

Fitbit Alta HR Release Date? 

When the first Fitbit Alta HR came to market it was March 2017. With near about 7 days of battery life and heart rate tracking. 

During that period Fitbit was developing highly flexible fitness trackers. Where Fitbit claimed that Fitbit Alta HR was the slimmest Fitness tracker in the world. 

As compared to previous versions of Fitbit Models, Alta HR had been launched with a unique quality, called “Sleep Tracking” with deep tracking advantages. 

Fitbit Alta HR is capable of measuring Light, Deep, and Rem sleep. 

However, this fitness tracker has disadvantages too. 

Unlike the Fitbit Charge 2, the Alta HR of Fitbit does not come with a Swimproof facility. In addition the screen small to operate the touch functions. 

Review Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Advantages

Smart Display 

A thin, rectangular, OLED display on Fitbit Alta HR helps users to move their hands without any hesitation during a workout.

The Fitbit Alta HR display is totally usable to see tracking data to date, fitness metrics, mobile phone notifications, and so on. Take advantage of the smooth display functions from midnight to midday. 

Thanks to the OLED screen that help you to the display elements properly even in the sunlight. For sports like Swimming, Run, jogging, and Climbing thin display of Fitbit Alta HR is a big advantage.

To protect the screen users can use the LCD Watch Screen shell available on eBay or Amazon at about $10-$15.

Is Fitbit Alta HR Touchscreen?  


What Is The Display Resolution of Fitbit Alta HR?

36 x 128 pixels.

What Is The Display Material Of Fitbit Alta HR?


Is Fitbit Alta HR Display Replaceable?

Yes, you can replace any scratched display.

Automatic Fitness Tracking and Suggestions 

Fitbit Alta HR is built to enjoy fitness tracking. It allows users to track steps, sleep, and calorie burns automatically. With the help of an accelerometer and vibration-motor, users can understand their targets and current health situation. 

During the workout, Fitbit Alta HR detects HR rate, stress level, and workout performance. Fitbit Algorithm can record the data on the official fitness App of Fitbit. 

On the official Fitbit Coach App, you can get suggestions based on your daily performance. Moreover, there are hundreds of programs for achieving goals with training, diet, daily routine, and so on.

Therefore take advantage of the fitness tracking modes and develop your personal fitness level.

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Continuous Heart Rate Tracking 

Heart Rate Measurement in Alta HR is one of the main differences between Fitbit Alta Vs Fitbit Alta HR. Health tracking measurements are from the core symptom of health, Heart Rate.

Using pulse rate from the wrist, the Fitbit Alta HR is capable of detecting continuous Heart Rate throughout the day.  

Heart rate data is stored on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in the fitness tracking app. Users can check the condition of their heart health from the fitness App.

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That is also integrated with the fitness tracker where users can see the instant response of heart rate during a workout.

High-quality Sleep Monitoring

Body stress is measured by sleep quality. Fitbit Alta offers an Optical Heart Rate sensor that can track advanced sleep tracking. An optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer help detect body movements during sleep and measure the overall behavior of our body during sleep.

With the help of Fitbit Alta HR, one can track Light, and deep, and remember sleep. Using the sleep tracking report you can check where and when you were not sleeping well.

To increase productivity sleep quality works a major role, hence you can take a big advantage of monitoring sleep. If you want to know how a smartwatch detects sleep click here.

Wireless Syncing For More Accurate Data 

Fitness tracking is a very complex process to detect. The Process of data tracking and calculations is hard to read for machines and represents as per the user requirement.

Therefore to get the fitness records accurately we need to understand how to use them as accurately as possible. 

Wireless syncing makes the process easier for us. By connecting with smartphones users can get more control over their fitness and behavior records. 

Learn here how to wear a smartwatch properly to get accurate data.

Compare: Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Alta HR 2


Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

Display FunctionsTouch Screen Gyroscope Touchscreen ControlSide Button Control
Glass MaterialPlastic BodyGorilla GlassCorning Gorilla Glass 3
Screen Resolution36 x 128 px126 x 36 px
Weight22.68 gm28.35 gm36.8 gm
Battery Life6-7 Days10 Days4-5 Days
Water ResistibilityLow(Only Splashproof)5ATM1ATM
Sleep TrackingYesYesYes
Heart RateYesYesYes
CompatibilityAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOS
Call, TextYesYesYes
Alexa And Google Assistant NoNoNo
Step TrackingYes YesYes
Goal Setting YesYesYes


Fitbit Alta HR Vs Fitbit Inspire 2 

Display And Water Resistibility

We took Fitbit Inspire 2 because it is closely related to the fitness tracking features of Fitbit Alta HR. Both devices have a Touch screen OLED screen which is pretty good to see the display elements properly in the sunlight. 

Rectangular screen resolution with a thin design is seen on both of the displays. However, Inspire 2 has Gorilla glass and Alta HR is built with a plastic material screen. 

Apprehensively, Alta HR looks slightly thinner than Inspire 2. 

In the comparison of water resistibility, we have a pretty clear difference. Alta HR is a splashproof tracker that is considered the lowest water resistibility whereas inspire 2 offers 5 ATM water resistance. So, if you are planning to shower or swim with Alta HR it would not be a good idea. 

Fitness Tracking, Smart Integrations, Others

For fitness tracking, both devices are capable of measuring sleep, heart rate, and steps. 

On the other hand, Fitness tracking is automated on Fitbit Alta HR. On the other hand, Inspire 2 has various custom options to choose and measure goals. 

Having a small and thin touch screen becomes difficult to touch but still, it’s helpful if you could answer a little portion of the message. 

The Fitbit Alta HR and Inspire 2 have calls and messages operating facilities, with goals setting upcoming days. 

However, you will miss the Alexa or Google assistant, and GPS in both of them. 

Fitbit offers compatibility of Android and iOS in Inspire 2 and Alta HR which is a big facility for global users. 

Surprisingly, With 22.68gm weight, the Fitbit Alta HR provides 7 days of battery life on a single charge. 

Where Inspire 2 Weighs 28.35gm including up to 10 days battery life. 

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Fitbit Alta HR Vs Fitbit Charge 2 

Display and Durability

In the comparison of Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Charge 2, we can get several important factors. Let’s start with the display type. Both of the fitness trackers have OLED screens but Fitbit Alta has a touch screen and the Charge only has side button controls on the screen.

Fitbit Charge 2 wins in terms of display durability because it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 whereas Alta HR comes with a plastic body.

Weight and design are in the favor of Fitbit Alta HR. The Charge 2 comes at 36.8 gm and Alta HR weighs 22.68 gm. However, Charge 2 has slightly better water resistibility.

Water resistibility And Smart Integrations

The official specification of Alta HR shows splashproof: less than 1 ATM. But the Charge 2 comes at 1 ATLM water resistibility.

At last, we have to agree on this point that Fitbit Alta HR provides satisfactory results (6-7 days) than Fitbit Charge 2 (4-5 days).

Other advantages like Goal setting, step tracking, checking calls, and messages, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, and step tracking are available on both of the devices.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are not available on both devices. Android and iOS compatibility is supported for the ecosystem of Alta HR and Fitbit Charge 2.

Fitbit Alta HR: Charger, Battery Life, App, Others 

Battery Life 

Besides being small, the Fitbit Alta HR offers a decent battery life on a single charge: 6-7 days. However, based on the usage, display settings, and maintenance it may extend 8-9 days. 

Fitbit Alta HR does not come with GPS. It’s a great advantage in terms of battery saving. Although for usability people expect built-in GPS on fitness trackers. 


With 1 included lithium-polymer battery you can get a USB charger along with the package during purchasing. 

Fitbit Alta HR Charger

However, on Amazon, you can purchase Lithium polymer batteries for Fitbit Alta HR at about $16. Similarly, users can get an additional USB cable(100mm/3.3ft/39inch) charger at $5-$7. 

The power consumption and powering up processing using lithium polymer batteries are highly compatible. It is making the device user-friendly and flexible for sport. 

Now, Fitbit and other smartwatches offer Lithium-Ion batteries that are a little bit more efficient than Lithium polymer batteries. 

Click here to know more about how to increase smartwatch battery life and how long batteries actually last. 

Fitness App 

On the other hand, Fitbit Coach App is extremely helpful to monitor progress analytics. 

Fitness and health analytics are crucial. With the Fitbit Ecosystem of tracker and App, you can take care of yourself. 

Check important health factors like sleep duration and quality, hydration level, heart rate, SpO2, Nutrition, steps, etc. 

In addition, the Sign-up process for navigation is easy to operate in the Mobile App. You can join and grow with groups and communities on Fitbit. Take advantage of the Fitbit Fitness Performance Guide right from the App. 

Fitbit Alta HR Bands or Straps

When we seek design Fitbit stays always with its customers. Fitbit Alta HR is available to wear in multiple different colors and materials. Depending on the mood and occasion users can easily change their straps and put on suitable bands on their wrists.

Here are some examples of Bands for Fitbit Alta HR.

Metal StrapLeather StrapNylon StrapsSilicone Strap
Metal Strap Of Fitbit Alta HRLeather Strap Of Fitbit Alta HRNylon Strap Of Fitbit Alta HRSilicone Strap Of Fitbit Alta HR

Our Verdict: Why When Should You Take Fitbit Alta HR?

No doubt that Fitbit Alta HR is one of the best pieces of fitness trackers for fitness and health-conscious people. In that price range, Fitbit Alta Hr provides good battery life, heart rate tracking, step tracking, sleep monitoring, and so on.

However, water resistibility and automatic fitness tracking are the 2 main drawbacks of Fitbit Alta HR.

Our best recommendation is to take Fitbit Alta HR if you want basic-level fitness tracking with decent features. For more specific fitness and health tracking, you can try Fitbit Flex 2 or Fitbit Inspire 2.

Is Fitbit Alta HR Discontinued?

According to Authorized Fitbit. Support, in March 2019 Fitbit discontinued   Fitbit Alta HR after launching Fitbit Inspire Series. However, people can purchase Fitbit Alta HR from Fitbit Authorized Retailer.

What Is The Difference Between Fitbit Alta and HR?

The only big differentiation is Heart rate tracking between Fitbit Alta and Alta HR however both have pretty same specifications and fitness-tracking abilities.

What Replaced The Fitbit Alta HR?

Fitbit Flex 2 or Fitbit Inspire 2 can be a substitute for Alta HR if you are seeking better fitness tracking, battery life, and water resistibility.

Why Fitbit Inspire Cheaper Than Alta?

Fitbit discontinued the Alta Series From the Company Fitbit Inc. Fitbit used to make a strategy to make a quality and pricing difference between Fitbit inspire series. Fitbit Alta was a good choice for users but Inspire series provided detailed fitness tracking in less price.

How Accurate Is Fitbit Alta HR as compared to Medical Devices?

Till now, medical devices (stethoscope, sphygmomanometer) are considered the most accurate for health tracking (heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate) smartwatches or fitness trackers like Fitbit Alta HR comes with pretty good accuracy but it is not optimum.

Smart wearable brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit, etc. are trying to improve the level of accuracy of the trackers.