5 Best Ankle Fitness Trackers In 2022

Ankle fitness trackers are cool only when you choose and wear them accurately. In the last few days, we are working to make a list of fitness trackers. Finally, we have made a dedicated list for our subscribers. Here is the solution for them seeking the best Ankle Fitness Trackers in 2022.

But before diving into the list you must check the following important points. These points are helpful to understand the key points of an Ankle fitness tracker.

Check Before Buying An Ankle Fitness Tracker

Technically, Fitness trackers and Ankle Fitness Trackers are the same. But Ankle Fitness Trackers are specially designed to wear on the ankle to improve step tracking. Then, how will you differentiate the categories to choose the best Ankle Fitness Tracker?

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Well, here are some points you can check before buying any Ankle Fitness Tracker.

Case Shape and Size

While wearing an Ankle Fitness Tracker, Shape and Size play a vital role. A flat or big case would be a matter of problem. To fit in your ankle you need a thin and small tracking device like a chip.


Needless to mention, lightweight fitness trackers will give hassle-free walking throughout the day. In the first few hours, the weight of the fitness tracker seems nothing but after 4-5 hours of constant wearing the weights may seem annoying.

Band Type

If you used to wear metal straps, we strongly recommend that kindly avoid these straps on the ankle. Instead, you can try Silicon, Nylon, and Fabric.

Other Considerations

During step tracking you might go out for outdoor runs, walk, or jogging. Therefore, it’s better to expect the following advantages-

  • Water Resistibility
  • Battery Life
  • Step Tracking Accuracy
Is There Any Problem If I Wear Smartwatch On My Ankle?

There is no problem as long as you wear it properly on your wrist. But health tracking like sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring might be affected in terms of accuracy.

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit has made a series of useful fitness trackers. Where Fitbit Alta HR holds some best qualities sportsmen like bikers, swimmers, runners, etc.

With only 5 ounces of weight and 1.1 x 0.3 x 8.9 inches in dimension, it appears smart and friendly for athletic movements. There are other Mentionable specifications such as Android And iOS compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1 CR2 battery.

Users can take advantage of sports modes like running, walking, cycling, etc. Fitbit Alta HR is a true Fitness band for consistent sportsmen.

Fitbit Alt HR Ankle Fitness Tracker

Key Benefits

  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Modern Style
  • Better Step and Calorie tracking

Pros And Cons

Easy to useSmoothness Can Be Improved
Sleep trackingDisplay Quality
Heart rate monitoring 
Smart, and Small design 

Technical Benefits

Fitbit Alta HR belongs to the manufacturer of MOOV in which you can get real-time audio, and 6 months of battery life. The band is light-weighted and breathe able there you have your comfort on the wrist.

In addition, wireless connectivity allows you to access multiple functions with a smartphone. Get call, text, and social media notifications right on the bright OLED display.

In the insights of the fitness App of MOOV, users can get access to colorful interfaces.

Fitness Tracking Benefits

Using Fitbit Alta HR, we can get access to body weight, sleep, running, cardio, cycling, etc. The swim is a special focus on Alta HR of Fitbit. There deep analysis on-
•Lap Analysis
•Stroke Count
•Stroke Type

Let’s Take A Look At Some Sports and its tracking models by Fitbit Alta HR-

Automatic Suggestion On Exercise

Smart sensors and algorithms sensors detect your movements, condition, or goal. During exercise, the Fitbit Alta HR sensor sends pre-automated suggestions.

Get Advantage Of Resting Heart Rate

A heart rate monitor is one of the key elements of health tracking. Do people often seek what is the best heart rate tracking watch they should buy?

Well, the Fitbit Alta HR sensor of cardiovascular health tracks the heart rate 24/7.

Better Insights For Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking in Fitbit Alta HR is pretty much simply because it is automatic. That keeps your sleep silent and calm. You have the full opportunity to wake up in the morning with a soft alarm.

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Thus, it measures the stress level and suggests preferable suggestions for you.

Can You Put Fitbit Versa 2 On Your Ankle?

Yes, you can wear it on your ankle but we would not prefer you as Fitbit Versa 2 has big display than the normal Ankle Fitness trackers.

Does Fitbit Sense Work On Ankle?

According to the updates of the Fitbit community, you can wear Fitbit Sense on your ankle during exercise, running, and walking.

Garmin vívofit 2

With 88 x 88 pixels scanner dimensions, Garmin Vivofit 4 is a unisex model with a smart Bluetooth Connection. Garmin Vivifit 4 weighs 0.96 ounces, dimension 7.4 x 0.37 x 0.75.

This item offers TPU band material, smart, wireless connection with ANT+, Bluetooth, weather updates, reminders, and so on.

Garmin Vivofit 2 Fitness Tracker

Key Benefits

  • Step Tracking
  • Sports-Friendly
  • Good Water Resistibility
  • 1+ Year Battery Life

Pros And Cons

Step TrackingBatteries Can Be Rechargeable 
Effective Sports ModeNeed Heart Rate Monitoring 
Water Resistibility 
Strap Materials 

Technical Benefits

Garmin Vivofit 4 is a light-weighted comfortable fitness tracker that is compatible with Android and iOS. Like other smart bands, Garmin Vivofit 4 offers several useful activity tracking and health tracking. No charge battery life of 1+ years.

Fitness Tracking Advantages

We will not share a lengthy description here. Garmin Vivofit 4 is offering-

  • Step Tracking
  • Personalized Sleep Tracking Suggestions
  • Calories Buring
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Categorized Sports Mode

Fitbit Inspire HR 

We have found Fitbit Inspire HR and strongly insist you check the specifications in detail. Fitbit Inspire HR is a unisex-adult fitness tracker with 1 Lithium Polymer battery.

Like Amazfit Band 5, this device provides multiple fitness tracking benefits like sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and better sleep monitoring.

You can use it on your wrist you can try it on the ankle for better step tracking. Let’s check the best advantage of the Fitbit Inspire HR Activity tracker.

Fitbit Inspire HR fitness tracker

Key Benefits

  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Specialized Sports Mode
  • Tracking All-day Calorie Burn

Pros And Cons

Sleep TrackingDisplay Can Be Improved
Active Battery 
Powerful Water Resistibility 
Light Weighted  

Technical Benefits

With a wireless Bluetooth connection, you can connect with your smartphone to get access of messages, phone calls, GPS, emails, social medial notifications, and so on.

This device is handy and high comfortable for outdoor sports. Users can have access to boundless uses of online music right on their wrists.

Fitness Tracking Advantages

Fitbit Inspire HR is always active in tracking your activities during walking, jogging, running, etc.

With the help of activity tracking sensors, you can track sleep quality levels, heart health, stress level detection, lengthy battery life, etc.

Friendly Reminders

Whenever you need some tasks to complete get a friendly reminder from your fitness tracker.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

Track every single hour at night to know your sleep quality. This process is extremely helpful to boost your productivity.

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Resting Heart Rate Monitoring

Fitbit Inspire HR is capable to measure Resting Heart Rate using pulse waves. Heart health reveals your current mental and physical health that will affect your performance in the upcoming days.

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All-day Calorie Burning

No matter how you lead your day. In the gym, walking in the garden, or playing outdoor games, Fitbit Inspire HR will detect your calorie-burning amount of time and activities.

Amazfit Band 5

Like every fitness tracker, Amazfit Band 5 offers social media notifications, GPS, sleep monitoring, Alarm, Reminder, Voice control, Music player, emails, listening to the online music player, etc.

Wireless connection supports Bluetooth with water-resistance of 5 ATMs. In the sensor part, there are multiple fitness and activity tracking options that can be operated for up to 15 days of battery life.

The display resolution seems 1.1 inches snatching users’ attention with a bright touchscreen color AMOLED display. In the following points, we are leaving the best abilities of Amazfit Band 5.

Amazfit Band 5 fitness tracking from ankle

Key Benefits

  • Women Health Tracking
  • Premium Quality In Budget
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking

Pros And Cons

Water Resistibility (5 ATM)Accurate Step Tracking But In Ankle
Women Health TrackingDisplay Functions Can Be Increased
AMOLED Display 
Heart Rate Monitoring 

Technical Benefits

First of all, let us tell you that Amazit Band 5 is one of the best performing fitness gadgets on Amazon. Right now, the total rating providers are above 14000 in the count and the majority have liked it.

Size and dimensions are pretty much ideal for a fitness wearable. Amazfit Band 5 weighs 0.42 ounces with dimensions of 3.54 x1.57 x 9.06 inches.

Rubber band makes users comfortable in sweat, and dust. In addition, you have a complete user manual, Charger with Amazfit Band 5 package. You may choose the band colors with some options Among Orange, Midnight Black, Olive, and a combination of Olive and black.

With the wireless connectivity, you can connect with Fitness App to your smartphone. Here you have access to voice control, Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, email, calendar, Elevation tracker, etc.

With the built-in Alexa, you can ask questions and command tasks to operate many operations.

Fitness Tracking Advantages

From Blood oxygen level detection to Women’s health tracking, you have several handy tracking options to improve your fitness and health.

Amazfit Band 5 provides 10-15 days of real-time battery life when users can take advantage of sports mode, Heart rate tracking, sleep quality measurement, SpO2 detection, stress level calculation, etc.

Blood Oxygen Level Detection

Over covid-19, Blood oxygen level has become one of the most important health factors. Throughout the day, whenever you used to feel unwell during exercise, in low-oxygen environments, or in high-altitude areas, you can check your blood oxygen level with a few instant clicks.

Women Health Tracking

The health of women is not out of the list of Amazfit priorities. Using Amazfit Band 5 women can check the alerts of periods, and have a better idea of menstrual cycles.

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Take Advantage Of The 11-Built In Sports Mode

If exercise is a part of your daily routine this is going to be useful for you. Good battery life and water resistibility always make fitness lovers happy and satisfied their demands. Especially, when you have the advantage of 11 built-in sports modes like-

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Treadmill Running
  • Swimming
  • Skipping

Easy To Understandable Health Assessment Systems

Huami-PAI calculates complex health data for you. Users are given complete useful data about the current situation of their health. The health status shows the numerical scores, daily activities, crucial health situations, etc.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Every single time when you got some unusual changes in your heart rate, the Amazfit algorithm will notify you by warning as it is included with 2 PPG Bio Tracker.

Garmin vívosmart® 5

Garmin Manufactures easy-to-use, comfortable fitness bands that provide maximum flexibility to the users. In Garmin Vivosmart 5, users can get stress monitoring, Wrist heartbeat monitoring, Sleep tracking, Body Battery energy monitoring, and step tracking.

Sports modes like running, walking, cardio, swimming, and cycling will help to monitor specific data during the activities. On the display controls, we have both options touch screen, and button.

With Bluetooth and USB connectivity, you can get access to the smartphone integration. Lithium Polymer batteries support you to use them for up to 5+ days. GPS coverages are cool and helpful if you want to go out for Running, Cycling outdoors.

Garmin Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker and ankle wear

Key Benefits

  • Pulse OX (Hydration, Stress, Respiration)
  • Light Weight
  • Battery Life
  • Narrow Sports Modes

Pros And Cons

Hydration, Respiration CheckingPrice Is Commparetively High
Display ReadabilityFeatures Can Be Added
Step Tracking Accuracy 
Water Resistance (5ATM) 
Sporty Design 

Technical Benefits

Most Fitness trackers used to be small in terms of display resolution. However, a small display is not a problem in Garmin Vivosmart 5 with a touchscreen and bright display users will get well readability.

One thing that must be mentioned is the comfortability- it weighs only 0.935 ounces and is 0.8 x 10 x 0.4 inches in dimensions.

Battery life is more than average with Lithium-Ion batteries included. Overall this is a versatile fitness tracker with high-quality sports advantages.

Fitness Tracking Advantages

Crucial Health Monitoring

Health especially Women’s health seems an important part Garmin Vivosmart 5 fitness tracking ecosystem.

Using Pulse OX, this device is capable to measure stress level, Heart rate, sleep quality, step tracking, women’s health, hydration level, and body battery energy levels. To check the progress Garmin offers a Fitness app Called Garmin Health.

Moreover, body energy monitoring level is a useful feature for checking the increment and decrement of your performance throughout the day.

Pulse OX is one of the interesting sensors of this gadget that helps to measure the level o hydration, respiration, and amount of Blood Oxygen level in our body.

Sports Modes

Sports Advantages Garmin Vivosmart 5 is capable to monitor your performance during and after exercise. All of the algorithms that improve fitness are focused on quality. That’s why with focused sports mode you can reduce your fitness age.

Users can get advantages of sports mode like-

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Skipping

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