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Experience OPPO VOOC Flash Charge

No matter which types of gadgets are you using, before purchasing any gadgets your first must follows the battery life. Well, in the recent 10 years, we have seen up-gradation in processor, display, and design but now it’s time to Experience OPPO VOOC Flash Charge.

On 27, 2021, Oppo is representing the next-generation super fast, safe, and advanced charging technology, called VOOC Flash charge technology solution.

After thorough research, Oppo has implemented its most advanced and reliable charging system for its users.

In Oppo VOOC charging technology we can get safe charging, and advanced charging including-

  1. fuse with lower impedance
  2. Gallium Nitride
  3. Internal series bi-cell
  4. Safety detection chip
  5. Smart and balanced charging speed
  6. Composite Current Collector
  7. Improved Charging Speed In Specific Scenarious
  8. Balanced Temperature
  9. Extreme Charging

Everything is to make your experience better. To tell the truth, battery cell composition is a complex problem that tech brands want to solve.

But sometimes, it’s become tough to give the overall experience, such as we want to use it for 13-14 hours a day with highly engaging activities, and seek excellent power supply.

It’s practically tougher than we think, however, Oppo is trying its best to improve the user experience.

In that case, the current chief scientist of Oppo VOOC flash charge says,

“Whether People Choose Wireless or wired charging, VOOC Flash charge Technology Is Capable Of Meeting a wide range of needs

when it comes to charging electric devices, even in the most extreme circumtances”

Our Favorite Benefits In VOOC Charging Technology

Faster Charging Speed

In the case of 65w SuperVOOC, it is capable to increase the speed by 20% with 4500mAh battery life in 30 minutes.

Longer Battery Life

Can not say any more, all the improvements indicate a good battery life for users.

The most interesting part is, the technology is capable of the original charging duration that’s 80% after 1500 charging cycles.

Excellent Temperature Control

It’s crucial to balance the charging speed with the phone temperature. It causes internal damage.

Oppo is implementing their balance control to balance the both that gives you an excellent flash charging experience.

Want to know more about the specification, here is the official update of Oppo.

Solving your problem is our first priority that is why we do not prefer to promote without a clear conception.

To keep our promise, we always represent solutions on the basis of direct customer surveys and research.

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