Exciting Changes For Users As Microsoft Redesigning Their Emoji

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Time has changed a lot today we are talking about the news of Microsoft Redesigning their emoji, but once our peon was an eagle, handwritten letter, telegraph, telephone, and then a smartphone.

The most important thing is our psychology and behavior have diversified a lot. If we look back to the source of human conversation, we can see that we used to communicate with the help of Gestures.

Now, thousands of years later, we are returning to the same conversational way. We can express our feelings without writing a single word.

Why Microsoft Is Refreshing Their Emojis

However, the use of emojis has been continuing for nearly one decade. Where Microsoft is focusing on different expressions through the development of their emoji designs.

Microsoft is surveying the over different geographies to understand their choice, and behavior. According to the Art Director, and Emojiologist, Claire Anderson,

“Over 1,800 emoji exist within Microsoft 365, and we’ve been working for the past year to dramatically refresh them by creating a system that is innately fluent”

They are working on 3D emoji’s over the 2D and also choose to animate the majority of their emojis. They have also revealed 5 emojis of their creation.

Emoji Prototype And Designing

The prototype and designing are mainly subdivided into two parts, such as-

  • Embracing The Power Of Play
  • Innately Fun, Innately Fluent

Want to check the full video of their brand new emoji version, here is the official medium article where Microsoft elaborates the whole art and creation.

microsoft 365 Emojis | Microsoft Redesigning Their Emoji

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