Enhance Your E-reading With Digital Note-Taking | Kobo Elipsa launched

Kobo Elipsa launched

A surprise for all e-readers, when Kobo Elipsa launched they would not expect such a craze but online readers are truly fascinated with the brand new features.

In the e-Book reading patterns, people used to love resolution, display, functioning, weight, and so on.

But the question is, what are the advantages that attract readers? Well, let’s see in the following passages-

Features Of Kobo Elipsa E-reader


Kabo has prepared 10.3 inch E ink touch screen support for 1404 x 1872 pixels resolution.

Kabo Stylus (Real Writing)

In the manufacture’s opinion, the stylus offers the real pencil feeling. With the help of the Kabo stylus, you can annotate, underline.

In the stylus you can set two features- ease, and highlight.

Comfortable Reading

If you think that this product provides everything but in the long term perspective it will bad in experience then you might state wrong.

Because they have focused on the user experience. With 32GB internal storage, it offers dark mode and eye-friendly reading.

Thus, your eyes are safe at night.


In addition, sleep-cover, more than one week battery life, Ebookstore access are available there. In their you can get access around 6 million books.

Pricing And Launching

Still, Kabo has not revealed the launching date. But you can pre-order this device at $399.99 (Rs. 29,120) that is available from June 24 in Canada, New zealand, Japan, European, Asian, US countries.

Data And Source: Indian Express

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After the Kabo Elipsa launched, e-readers had watched something interesting in their reading habit system.

For instance, we want to include that our best reviews include not promotion only.

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