Endpoint Protection Tool For Linux, New Feature From Microsoft

Endpoint Protection Tool For Linux

Very recently, Microsoft has added some new and useful security benefits to the Endpoint protection tool for Linux. This security update will change the privacy, and security of the whole system, you are currently working on.

The most interesting part of this addition is the Endpoint detection, and response (EDR), and the Antivirus(AV) will be available for Azure Security Center.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the security integration.

What About Extra Protection On Linux

As you know Microsoft always respects their customer satisfaction. From there they take big customer opinion for their security update.

On the behavior monitoring, they are adding some new parameters to expand the protection, such as crypto mining, sensitive data collection, and so on.

In addition, on Linux-based detection, Microsoft has increased the opportunity by live testing. In the EDR detection, we can take the advantage of-

  • Enabling admin to investigate issues in real-time
  • Advanced investigation by forensic data
  • Proactivity hacks for upcoming threats

Moreover, Microsoft adds Defender antivirus behavior for Linux and planning to use those mechanisms on ML (Machine Learning) models.

Data And Source: TechRadar

To tell the truth, Microsoft has one of the empathic tech-brand has ever, now it’s time to how these experiments work for users.

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