Elon Musk Says Golden Age Of Tech Invention Is Coming

the golden age of tech invention

Elon Musk, Tesla Founder, emphasizes our generation to choose technology as a career. He is watching a golden age of tech invention.

After Covid-19, the world’s economy needs to be structured. Most of the companies are facing tough economical situations.

According to Elon,

“Too many smart people go into finance and law”.

Talented graduates choose a traditional career, where technology could be a great option to build the economy.

Industrialization is now moving towards digital transaction. During panadamic, startups like online reviw, food delivery app, E-learning programs, paid advertising agencies have been developed.

In total, business is now completely merged with technology.

Every year, thousands of startups launched but they failed. But still, we are trying to secure our upcoming days. Elon used to say that our future will be secure with having invention.

Because invention has the power to solve the biggest problem.

That’s the reason why Tesla fonder encourages more talented people to contribute to technologies to invent new tools for our future.

We need more powerful people to invent something new and revolutionary.

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Data And Source Provided By: Bloomberg Opinion

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Well, hopefully, The Golden Age Of Tech Invention will come soon. As mentioned earlier our main objective is to solve your problem.

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