Do you What Sunder Pichai Says About IT Rule India?

Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule

Since February, the Indian government was talking about social media, OTT securities. Social platforms are firmly instructed to reestablish their term and condition about end-to-end encryption. But Here we going to know what Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule in India?

Last week a trending topic appears to call a social media ban. But what about the biggest internet leaders.

Yes, we are talking about CEO like Surinder Pichai. As international business specialist Surinder says something polite and positive. He says,

“It’s obviously early days and our local teams are very engaged… we always respect local laws in every country we operate in and we work constructively.

We have clear transparency reports, when we comply with government requests, we highlight that in our transparency reports,”

Data and Source: Republic World

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