Do You Want To Visit Mars? | Learn From Zebra Fish

Want To Visit Mars

One part of our population is planning to build a city on Mars. Megacities like London, New York, Paris will soon establish on Mars. Do You Want To Visit Mars?

Are you curious about the planet? But how do we survive there? Haman as well as living beings are not made to survive for Mars Atmosphere.

Surprisingly, you can live there if you learn a particular behavior. Recently, a new study has revealed that tropical fish can teach us how to put our foot on Mars Land.

The Hibernation Of tropical fish is the survival tactic to survive in such a kind of atmosphere as Mars.

How Could Zebra Fish Teach Survival Tactics On Mars?

According to new research by Queen’s University in the UK, Zebra Fish’s hibernation is suitable to survive on Mars.

And what is hibernation? Basically, it’s a psychological condition that protects us from food scarcity, low environmental temperature, radioactivity, and so on.

Eventually, these types of conditions may protect astronauts during spaceflight from radiation exposure, vascular problems, bone or muscle wastage.

According to Gary Hardiman, a researcher from the Institution Food Security at Queen’s University,

“We set out to determine if induced torpor is a viable countermeasure to the harmful effects of spaceflight. If humans could replicate a similar model of hibernation we have observed in the zebrafish, it could increase our chances of making humans a spacefaring species.”

In the experiment, researchers test a zebrafish in the radiation that’s similar to Mars’s atmosphere.

After two patterns of experiments, they have found a difference in metabolism.

Thomas Cahill, Ph.D. student, co-first author, Said,

“Our results reveal that while in induced torpor, the zebrafish showed that a reduction in metabolism and oxygen concentration in cells promotes less oxidative stress and greater resistance to radiation”

Data And Source: Down To Earth

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