Do You Know You Can Chat With Yourself On WhatsApp?

How To Chat With yourself on WhatsApp

Chatting has taken another portion of the tech industry. Now, if you can get the opportunity to chat with yourself on WhatsApp. Then, what will be your reaction?

Yes, you have heard right! you can chat with yourself on What’s App. WhatsApp has replaced the use of the Chatting App called messenger, WhatsApp has a huge user base all over however their last WhatsApp Privacy Update was not so comfortable for us.

Because Facebook is already tacking your information for their business still they are interested in Our Private messenger App.

Well, nothing to worry about it. Facebook is a reputated company that will use our information only for any type of business like ads showing.

Let’s talk about the main topic how can you chat with yourself on WhatsApp? In the following passages, we have shared the step-by-step guidance to chat with your web WhatsApp Version.

  1. Open the browser of your choice on either your phone or computer
  2. Enter “” in the search bar, followed by your phone number. This should include the country code. For example, if a person lives in India, the address will look like ‘’
  3. A new window that will ask you to open WhatsApp will then appear on your screen
  4. If you are using your phone, your WhatsApp application will open up. The profile will have your phone number next to your display picture
  5. In the case of a laptop or computer, a new window will open up and you have to choose the option that reads ‘Continue to Chat’
  6. Once you have clicked on this option, either WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp desktop app, depending on your usage, will open up alongside your personal chat window
  7. Now you will easily be able to chat with yourself

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