Do Houseplants Help Air Quality?

Do houseplants help air qualityDo houseplants help air quality

Do houseplants help air quality? before answering this question we would like to mention few things. Once, we learned about air pollution. Now, we are learning about indoor air pollution.

Literally, you can’s imagine how many polluting microelements are floating in your room. Generally, we assume that most of the harmful aerosols located in the air of industrial suburbs but our indoor environment is as fresh as we think.

As we know, freeze, A.C. Artificial furniture emits polluting molecules. Furthermore, we used to close our doors, and windows in the rainy and winter seasons. Thus, the indoor environment becomes more infectious.

One of the pieces of advice from Environmental scientists insists us to use houseplants. But,

  • Do house plants really help air quality?
  • re they boost the oxygen levels in the air?
  • What are the best houseplants?

In an interview, Anand Kumar Singh, Deputy Director General Of Horticulture describes that Houseplants are not only boosting oxygen production but also they improve the overall health of the indoor environment.

He told houseplants to play a vital role to keep your indoor air fresh and healthy.

They boost oxygen production and absorbs polluting molecules.

In that interview, Anand Kumar talks about types of houseplants species, the process of nurturing them, their effect on our environment, and so on.

If you want to know know more here is the interview of Anand Kumar. You may watch the interview below.

Anand Kumar Interview About Houseplants ON TOI

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