Difference Between Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

The Difference between fitness tracker and a smartwatch is an interesting topic that ensures that smart devices have tons of variety and the variation is increasing day by day.

Well, who does not want to be updated? Who does not want to use the latest version? Yes, most of us are really love to take the latest model or at least want to know about it.

In the following sections, we will know all the facts that make a difference between a smart fitness tracker and smartwatch.

#. Classification Of Watch Integrated By Smart Feature

From 1998, The First smartwatch has been an invention that took the technology up to the next level.

Basically, the objective behind the creation of a smartwatch was to make our life smoother.

And the invention was successful because having a smartwatch you don’t need to pick up your phone for a short reply to a message, notifications, or reminders.

You can easily manage the multi-task by using a smartwatch. But each product is prepared to operate a specific type of task.

Hence, according to the operations, there is mainly three types of smart feature integrated watch.

  • Smartwatch
  • Smart Fitness Tracker or Fitness Tracker
  • Sport Watches

#. What is The Technical Definition Of Smartwatch?

There are so many brands launching tons of smartwatch in each year with a collection of updated specifications.

But a smartwatch operates some basic tasks. And this technical operation defines the device.

A smartwatch is a watch that is integrated by various smart features.

Basic Operations Of Smartwatch

Features are not fixed for each and every product but there are several properties that could be considered as generally available options.

Since which are features that make a smartwatch fundamentally complete.

Using a smartwatch you may take the advantage of –

  • A Short Reply
  • Reminder or alarms
  • Notifications
  • Social Media Updates
  • Basic Activity Tracking
Difference Between Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

Of course, some smartwatch does more than these above features but exceptional is not the example.

On the contrary, those exceptional watches would be categorized in the backed of Sports Watches.

#. Technical Definition of Smart Fitness Tracker

Smart fitness tracker, an updated version of a smartwatch. Before the modification of the fitness tracker, we can take advantage of smart features of through ‘smartwatch’.

But after the launching fitness trackers sporty choosers literally fall in love.

Since the technical definition says-

A Fitness Tracker is a Smartwatch Used To Measure Fitness-Oriented Data More Accurately

You may track all the data related to your fitness as heart rate, step tracking, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, special modes, and so on.

Fitness Trackers tasks

#. What Is A Sport Watch?

We have talked about the smartwatch and fitness tracker. But what does Sports Watch actually mean?

It is for those ones who refer to the combination of Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch.

Naturally, the definition is-

Sports Watch is a rational combination of smartwatch and Fitness Tracker features

#. Basic Difference Between Fitness Tracker And Smartwatch


Fitness TrackerSmartwatch
Fitness Trackers are more budget-friendly.

On average most precious fitness trackers provides around $100-150$.
Smartwatches are costlier than Fitness Trackers.

You may have to pay around $350 -$400 for a popular one.

Display Types

Fitness TrackerSmartwatch
Fitness Trackers focused on fitness specifications so don’t conscious about the display. Most of the smartwatch is made of LED, backlit LCD, and OMLED.

Some brands are trying to incorporate POM LED ( Passive-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) 


Fitness TrackerSmartwatch
As shown in the definition, Fitness Trackers are made to track the activities accurately which are related to fitness. Smartwatch is made to manage the tasks related to mobile phone notification and updates.

Some basic fitness mode is available in smartwatch but considered as obvious.


Fitness TrackerSmartwatch
Fitness Trackers are more durable as users will be allowed to use it in the gym or playground.Comparatively, smartwatches are not as durable as fitness trackers.

Water Resistance Ability

Fitness TrackersSmartwatch
Same as durability, water resistance is a feature that is deeply related to fitness.

Hence, on this point is Fitness Tracker is one step ahead.
On the other hand, smartwatches show a certain level of resistance and it is genuine.

But Fitness Trackers are more oriented on this point.

So, what you want to choose between these two? Practically, it depends on the needs as well as purpose.

This information has been represented to solve your problem. Hopefully, this page was helpful.

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