Diagnose Chest Diseases By A Pocket-Device (Handy Solution)

Chest Diseases

Nowadays, Chest diseases are increasing rapidly. Asthma, Pleural Effusion, Lung Cancer, Emphysema are extremely harmful to our health. Thanks to, Dr. Rajesh Palani (a Bangaluru-based private medical Practioner) has developed a pocket device to diagnose chest diseases.

With the help of a single hand, it works diagnostic methods.

According to the doctor, this device does not emit radiation and also works without any fluids which may be the cause of some transmission diseases. Anyone can operate this having minimal skills.

How Does It Work?

When placed on the chest, this device creates sound after that the sounds interpret between the chest and the analyzer.

With the help of audiometric analysis of medical percussion, these devices make a diagnosis like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, pneumonia.

To make the diagnosis easy and reliable, the device displays the results on the screen.

What Doctor’s Said About Chest Diagnosis By A Pocket Device

India has not approved this development however, in the USA Dr. Palani granted a patent for the device.

To tell the truth, this device will be proved a boon for medical science. In the case of chest disease, it seems an unavoidable instrument.

Now, Dr. Palani is discovering the actual potential of this device through clinical trials.

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