What is the Best Choice | Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker?

For those who want to invest in the electronic wearable devices, smartwatch and fitness tracker is a matter of confusion. Are they different or the same, what are the key features that differ from one to another?

Normally, it seems that smartwatches and fitness trackers, both are similar gadgets but there are significant parameters that differ them.

There are mainly three types of smart electronic wearable in the electronic gadget industry, such as-

  • Smartwatch
  • Fitness tracker
  • Sports watch

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On this page, we will classify the cost, feature, and usability difference between smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Table Of Content

  1. What does actually mean by a smartwatch?  
  2. What does actually mean by a fitness tracker?
  3. Cost Difference 
  4. Features difference 
  5. What will be perfect for you? 

What does actually mean by a smartwatch?  

Smartwatch is a smart feature integrated watch that used to used to allow us to operate Complex tasks with much more efficiency.

Having a smartwatch you can measure your blood pressure, heart rate monitor, footsteps, calories burnt, and sleep duration.

Moreover, mobile app notifications, alarms, reminders, and so on can be checked with the help of smartphone synchronization.

What does actually mean by a fitness tracker?

A Fitness tracker is an electronic handy wearable that is developed to operate as well as to measure fitness-oriented tasks.

 it offers various types of fitness tracking ability such as- sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, calorie, daily targets, special sports mode, water resistance ability, and so on.

Cost Difference: Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker

If you have enough to spend on the electronic device then you can buy any fitness tracker for Smartwatch that is above $100 or $200.

But in a general sense,  fitness trackers are cheaper than smartwatches.

Features difference: Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker


Here, we will determine the features that are available in every Smartwatch category.

Most of the smartwatch offers-

  • Excellent battery life
  • GPS
  • Amoled Display
  • Touch Operations
  • Attractive dial and band
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Special fitness tracking abilities

Fitness Tracker

Again we will determine the features that are available in every fitness tracker category.

Most of the fitness tracker offers-

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Calorie label
  • Multiple sports modes such as- swimming, cycling, jogging, excellent water resistance ability, and light-weighted.

What will be perfect for you? 

 In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the specification of these two smart electronic devices.

 Now if you thinking about your fitness only then you can go for a fitness tracker. No other device is as capable as a fitness tracker in the case of fitness-oriented tasks. 

On the other hand, if you want to use the electronic device in most of the activities in your daily life then the smartwatch will be the right choice.

You cannot where is Fitness tracker in office conference meetings.

 Hopefully, the purpose is clear. Look both are great smart inventions. You have to select them on the basis of the requirement.

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