Radiation Comparison Between Smartwatch Vs Smartphone

Like every other electronic gadget, smartphones, and smartwatches emit radiation that varies in different conditions.

To conclude a measurable amount of limits we have given a result of radiation level test comparison between smartwatch vs smartphone. 

We have taken Galaxy Gear S2 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Now let’s take a look at the result below.

How To Measure Radiation Of Device Like Smartwatch Or Smartphone?

To measure radiation level, we are going to use a Multi-Field EMF Meter

It’s a device that will help us to calculate the radiation spreading capacity range. 

Using the device we are going to measure electro-magnetic waves in different situations. 

If you are willing to measure your own gadgets for a specific brand and its model then you can use an EMF meter. 

Here is an instruction to use a Multi-Field EMF Meter. In the PDF you can learn each and every user manual including-

  1. Cautious 
  2. Warnings
  3. Features 
  4. Model Descriptions 
  5. Display Descriptions 
  6. Power On/Off 
  7. Testing 
  8. Electric Field Measurements 

Now, let’s check the radiation emission amount of smartphones and smartwatches with such conditions as Wi-Fi, phone calls, without network connectivity, etc. 

Here is a practical user manual from the Get Green Be Well YouTube Channel Of EMF Multimeter.

Radiation Test Result Between Smartwatch Vs Smartphone

DeviceWithout NetworkWith NetworkWi-Fi OnPhone Call On
Smartwatch-13.7 dBM0-2.5 dBM5.5-7.3 dBM3-4 dBM
Smartphone-14.5 dBM0-1.5 dBM10-12 dBM8-11 dBM

We have tasted the main four parameters- without network, With the presence of Network, Wi-Fi, Phone Call, Or By Call.

In some cases, we have discussed the pros and cons of smartwatches where radiation played a major role in the topic.

In this situation, we have seen how a smartwatch and smartphone behave.

Let’s dive down into the topic.

Without Network Connection: Smartphone Vs Smartwatch 

At first, we ran the experiment without any network connection. Technically, we turn on the Fight Mode before testing it. 

DeviceWithout Network
Smartwatch-9 dBm to -13.7 dBm
Smartphone-10 dBm to -14 dBm

At the very beginning of the test, the EMF meter showed -10.5 dBm. After a while, the final result appeared -14.5 dBm. 

Without network connectivity, the smartwatch shows -9 dBm, -10 dBm, -11 dBm, and the last result appeared -13.7 dBm. 

Note: There is a misconception where people use radiation protected smartwatches to make healthy shield that is not literally the case.

It shows that the measurement is negative in both cases. The amount of negative dBm units in smartphones is slightly higher than smartwatches. 

Whenever a device gets connected with a  cellular network it emits electromagnetic waves to a certain amount of range around itself. 

Let’s watch it with an experiment.

With Network Connection: Smartphone Vs Smartwatch

After Turning off the flight mode both devices used to get connected with the mobile network the neutral frequency then transformed into radioactive frequency. 

DeviceWithout Network
Smartwatch0 dBm to 2.5 dBm
Smartphone0 dBm to 1.5 dBm

As per the measurement, the result of the smartphone shows 0-1.5 dBm. All around the device the meter reflects 0 dBm to 1.3 dBm,1.5 dBm. 

One of the interesting parts is that smartwatches show a slightly wider range of radiation. 

In the upper level, the meter shows 2.3-2.5 dBm. This increment is showing the extra effort or mechanism of a smartwatch to connect with the network.  

Phone Call Enabling Mode: Smartphone Vs Smartwatch

This is the situation where we have seen a drastic increase in radiation frequency. During a phone call, a smartphone emits way more radiation than a smartwatch. 

DeviceWithout Network
Smartwatch3 dBm to 4 dBm
Smartphone8 dBm to 11 dBm

With phone calls enabled a user can pass through frequency at about 10 dBm. 

During a phone call, the smartphone at first emits 7.8 dBm, thereafter growing up to 8 < 9.6 < 11 dBm. 

On the other hand, the smartwatch emission rate looks like 3 to 4 dBm. 

That shows a lower rate as compared to smartphones.  

By Turning Wi-Fi On: Smartphone Vs Smartwatch

We want to make Wi-Fi one of the biggest factors of radiation. In many electronic and radiation documentaries, you will see Wi-Fi is considered as one of the biggest reasons for the radiation effect in our environment. 

This time, we got the chance to check them with experimentation. 

DeviceWithout Network
Smartwatch5.5 dBm to 6 dBm
Smartphone10 dBm to 12 dBm

After checking the devices on Wi-Fi, we have seen pretty behavior. Such as-

The Smartphone is emitting more than 10 dBm radiation frequency; the upper level is 12 dBm. Where a smartwatch is farther than a smartphone at about 5.4 to 6dBM. 

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