Apple Smartwatch vs Samsung Smartwatch| Who Will Take The Match

In the Electronic wearable industry, Apple and Samsung have been the most dominant brands. Both are top of their efficiency and could do anything to fulfill the audience’s intent. Usually, the Apple smartwatch vs Samsung Smartwatch takes a controversial topic for tech lovers.

IOS vs Android, Wear OS vs Watch OS and other operating controversy used to grab the attention of tech lovers often.

There are tons of factors to determine before select any of those. From the start of the journey, Apple has been performing like a brand of quality.

Mackbook, iPhone, Apple TV is not only Apple family members but iWork, iPad, iCloud, iMac, etc.

Doubtlessly, they have been producing such a level consistent quality product. Steve Job‘s and his team’s efforts were worth remembering.

Apple Smartwatch vs Samsung Smartwatch

Apple wearable industry puts a similar appearance but other brands are not so far. That’s why we are trying to figure out the analytics.

On the other hand, Samsung has been one of the best durable as well as a lasting product maker.

With Tizen OS Samsung Smartwatches provide super AMOLED display, Well water resistance, sufficient internal storage in high-grade quality.

Apple smartwatch vs Samsung smartwatch: Market Share Statistics

We will learn all the key points that create a difference between Apple and Samsung smartwatches.

But before dive into the main topic, you may be interested in the Global Market Share.

According to WatchPro author Rob Corder-

“Apple Watch maintained first position with a 46% share of the global smartwatch market, while Samsung returned to second place with 16%, and Fitbit slumped to third with under 10%…”

On the other hand, T4 states the Global Smartwatch Market Share By vender shipment(2018). Here is an overview of this.

Global Smartwatch Market Share

Now, we are going to compare these devices on the basis of
Design, Health Apps, Battery Life, Wireless Advantages, Fitness Tracking, and Durability.

Comparison Between Apple and Samsung Smartwatch


Apple usually focuses on internal integrations. Still depending on watch type sufficient upgrades have been done.

Apple has shown an excellent representation of fitness trackers. Comfortability, accuracy, user-friendly straps are the pros of their industry. Apple Watch Series 6 comes with 10.4mm thick, 40\44mm varients, light-weighted aluminum dial.

On the other hand, Samsung has shown versatile compatibility. They have various types of designs in masculine, feminine, and unisex sports watches.

Galaxy Watch 3 has improved than the previous version. Smaller dial and more compatible than the first Galaxy Version.

Apple watch vs Samsung Samsung : design


Doubtlessly Apple provides Sapphire glass. But there are a lot of things to improve on the edge.

By improving edges, durability can be improved. On the other hand, one of the durable watches has been made by Samsung. Corning, Gorilla, Glass DX+, are the mentionable watch glass creation of the Samsung industry.

In addition, they used to offer fiber or meatal band around the dial usually.


Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is an authentic feature of Apple watches. 81 out of 100 Apple watch lovers are fond of the Apple fitness ecosystem.

ECG, Sleep detection, separate sports-oriented mode, etc. will smooth your lifestyle.

Pedometer, blood pressure watch, calorie tracker, HRV, are available in Samsung wearable editions. But Apple watches have more deep fitness-oriented integrations.

Fitness Tracking

Battery Life

Apple smartwatch Series 5 lasts one day on a single charge(it can last up to 2 days if you disable always-on display or enable saving mode).

But Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 touches the winning line just a few seconds before Apple.

On average Galaxy Watch 3 offers 2 days of service at normal usage. Although some caveats take place that 45mm Watch 3 could only capable of that.

Battery Life

Wireless Advantages

Awesome wireless connectivity has been created by Apple Watch developers. Watch Series 6 gained an excellent wireless connectivity rating.

Galaxy watches are not too far to compete against Apple Series but Samsung lovers used to expect more improvement in Bluetooth, Sos, and so on.

Wireless Connection

Health Apps

iPhone Health App has provides data with enough clarity such as health data tab, calories burnt, vitals, goal reminders are easy to read and operate. But they can not compatible with Android users.

Samsung smartwatches are compatible with ios and android systems. Plus you can easily check your HRV score, sleep monitoring, O2 level detector.

Health Tracking

Experts Opinions: Apple smartwatch vs Samsung Smartwatch

Nishant Joel

Tech Expert: Nishant

“….The samsung smart watch is the best for android 

And even compatible with iOS 

Apple watch is the best for iPhone users and which isn’t compatible for iPhones” 

Find him on LinkedIn.

Shaan Haider

Tech Blogger: Shaan

“……It actually depends on the smartphone a person is using. If they got an iPhone then obviously Apple Watch is the best option as it is fully integrated with the iOS ecosystem. And if it is Android then Samsung is the better option.”

Find him on Twitter @shaanhaider 


Tech Creator

Since I’m an avid android user, I’ll definitely go with a Samsung smart watch. But for someone who is in the Apple ecosystem, I wouldn’t recommend the Samsung purely for the full apple ecosystem experience.

None is better or worse than the other, they just belong to different people on different platforms in my opinion” 

Find him on Twitter @bigbadroid 

Ben Geskin

Tech Enthusiastic

At first, when I asked for his opinion, he replied- 

Apple Watch” And when I asked the reason,

Ben replied straight-forwardly “for the eco system

Find him on Twitter @BenGeskin.

Ankit Chugh

Tech Journalist

The technology-wise Apple watch is superior as per the latest version. The hearing health notification, VO2, and SPO2 integration both along with ECG, because of such medical features, for me, it’s the superior watch at present compared to the latest Samsung Galaxy watch.

Also, the Apple watch has tighter integration with iOS and macOS both. However Apple still needs to do a lot on the battery part where Samsung Watch wins, but not by much.”

Find him on Twitter @luckyankit.

Antonio Barbato

Tech Blogger

No more explanation no more words his voice sounds “Apple Watch Forever” 

Find him on Twitter @TidingsBlog.

If you are really curious about the latest comparison then here is a YouTube attachment for you. Just go and have some fun.

Our Verdict: Apple and Samsung Smartwatches

This comparison has been made for only entertainment purposes. This dual clearly proves that they are at the top of their industries(IOS and Android).

Now, three statements will have to use for three separate types of watch users. First one, if you are are apple family service user please go for Apple watches.

Secondly, forever android users, we will emphasize using Samsung. In both cases, an operating system-based technical habit, wireless compatibility are major factors.

And last but not in the list, for neutral users we will suggest considering two conditions fitness or overall performance.

We always suggest Apple watch for fitness tracking abilities, variation, and ecosystem.

But for overall performance (Battery life, design, compatibility, etc.) go for Samsung.

Well, that was our hard work to solve your problem. Hopefully, this was helpful for you. 

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