Changed Our Way To See Time: Tourbillon Pocket Watch

Tourbillon Pocket Watch

Time and its mechanism are not clear enough to us. If we discover its behavior then time can be controlled. Are you fantasized about time and its mysterious fact? Have you ever hear about Tourbillon Pocket Watch?

Are you a ‘watch’ lover? If yes, then you might be wondered that the most horological inventions of all time: the tourbillon completes 220 year anniversary in 2021.

What Is Tourbillon?

Tourbillon is one type of watch (Developed by Abraham Louis Breguet) that was created to increase accuracy. Basically, it was developed to make timepieces more accurate. In the 1880’s European aristocrats, monarchs, counts, and also ship owners used Tourbillon to calculated longitude at sea.

pocket watch old version

Breguet was a Swedish engineer with having an awesome sense of technical inventions and design. His invention is considered by the royals.

He was extremely passionate about his project. After two hundreds years, we are using smartwatch and fitbands with GPS tracker but the initiative was seeded in those days by his tireless effort.

The Journey Of Invention In Short

Breguet and his workers took more than 10 years to make the invention reliable for usage. Breguet says,

“maintain their accuracy, irrespective of whether the position of the watch is upright or titled”

Tourbillons were created by matching the aesthetics with their technological brilliance. It was furnished with gold, enamel, or silver to give a sophisticated finish and perfect readability.

At the very beginning, production was of the watch was critically slow.

The laborers were skilled but they had taken such a long time to prepare each piece. As a result, Breguet could find any reasonable economic opportunities.

In the 1920s to 1950s, new Tourbillons pocket watches were sold however in the 1980s a thesis appeared that proved wristwatches are less sensitive to the earth’s gravity than pocket watches.

The original pieces of the Tourbillon pocket watch is carefully maintained in House Of Breguet. This page is dedicated to all watch lovers who are passionate about inventions.

Data And Source Provided By: Condé Nast Traveller

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