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Real-time Portal

Once, science fiction was an imagination for us but we have to realize that time has changed. We living in an age where superhero’s like Tony Start, Bruce banner create awesome inventions. Then real-time is a small thing for us. We could expect the most advanced Iron Man suit before 2050.

What’s happened? Is that sounding super fictional? Well, when we saw the concept of the Real-time portal, it feels fictional for us.

But After hearing the news we stuck in the post.

But what does it mean by a real-time portal? Let’s dive down on the section below.

How Are Implementing This Portal

Lithuania & Poland are planning to built a Real-time portal at the heart of their capital cities.

Why They Are Building An Artificial Portal

After Pandemic situation, both countries broke their travel movements. After a certain period of time, they have come up with an idea.

Both countries are installing a portal that will show daily life in real-time scenario.

However, it sounds fictional but each of the countries is compelled to execute their plan.

Citizen’s are happy with that concept. Hence, right now they have not establish anything practically.

But hope to hear from them soon.

Data, And Source: Tech Pluto

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