Build A Drift Car In GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

Build a Drift Car in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

Obvious already that GTA 6 wouldn’t see daylight anytime soon, and while the entire fanbase out there keeps seeing any move someone at Rockstar makes as a sign the game is coming, it’s very clear that the company’s main focus is GTA V and GTA V alone right now.

New Life Into GTA V And GTA Online

Los Santos Tuners update has managed to breathe new life into GTA V and GTA Online, even though the game was still selling pretty strong so many years after launch.

But without a doubt, for many people out there, GTA V was starting to feel a little old, so the launch of the new update was certainly a smart move that allows Rockstar to keep the game around for a few more years until the next iteration arrives.

As you can identify by the name that “the Los Santos Tuners” update is all about cars, and naturally, it comes with plenty of customization options that allow you to build a unique ride.

Drifting And Installing

The car ZR350, which is essentially a Mazda RX-7, and while GTA Online has many other cars that are probably more appropriate for drifting, installing low-grip tires on this model does the job anyway.

The drifting part could totally be further improved and the RX-7 would use other upgrades to boost its capabilities in this regard, this video is the living proof that building a drift car in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners might be a time-consuming yet fun thing that eventually makes this 8-year-old game feel as good as new.

As a matter of fact, before you ask, his low level restricts the access to some upgrades, so yes, getting his own shop to unlock all upgrades regardless of level would have been a good idea.

If anything, expect drifting videos to become a lot more common online now that the Los Santos Tuners update is live, so let us know if you managed to build something worth checking out.

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