Brand New Invention For Handless People: Prosthetic Mouse

Prosthetic Mouse

Technology smooths our daily life but some inventions get our attention emotionally. Now, Prosthetic Mouse allows handless people to use a computer mouse.

Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL), Collaborative between the University of Pittsburgh and VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.

They research the various type of instruments including 3-D Printers, wheelchairs, advanced manufacturing devices, prostheses, and so on.

Warm thanks to VA researchers, they designed a prosthetic hook mouse for people with upper-limb amputations.

The story begins when Dr. Rory Cooper met with a few colleagues. He felt that upper-limb amputees face a problem with using a standard mouse.

Cooper said,

“I am a computer scientist. It would really helpful if I could use a mouse that’s compatible with my prosthetic hook” Furthermore, “I talked to a prosthetist, he made a socket for the hook, so you didn’t have to be a person with an amputation to try it.”

Copper says HERL has 3-D printed more than 100 of the prothetic mice. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, Army Medical Center In Texas, Haley Veterans Hospital in Florida have used them.

On the other hand, HERL is working with TTP to license the mouse. They were accomplishing all the steps to make and sell the inventions to the public.

The technology Transfer specialist received the audience feedback, He says

“They were happy to use it”

Data And Source Provided By: U.S Departments Of Veterans Affairs

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