Brand New Amazfit Power Buds Specification (Health And Fitness Metrix)

In recent days, we are not expecting this news from Amazfit. Last night, we came to know about Amazfit power buds pro specifications. Earbuds are not the primary focus of Amazfit, as we know the brand is specially known for its smartwatches. 

But now something different is coming towards music lovers. 

There are many earbuds brands in the market. 

We have to say Amazfit always tries to build something dynamically useful for its users. 

Now, let’s see what surprise is waiting for us in the box. 

Amazfit Power Buds Specifications

Exercise HR Monitoring 

After smartwatches, now earbuds can track your Heart rate monitoring. 

Using sensors Amazfit is tracking every heartbeats and its behavior. 

Smart Recognition Running 

During jogging, your earbuds will detect your mode of state. 

Using that feature amazfit will detect your sports activities. 

3 mic Tech for Clear Call 

We often face difficulties during calls on wireless earbuds. 

Amazfit have back preparation for it. 

It offers 3 mic to make your call sound smooth and clear. 

40 DB Noise Cancellation 

We need to describe the importance of noise cancelation, right! 

Amazfit Power Buds Pro is capable of resisting noise upto 40 DB. 

Impressive And Dynamic Sound 

Only sensitive listeners can understand the importance of frequency and vibration of sounds.

In section Amazfit power buds pro is approved. 

IP55 Dust and Water Resistance 

One of the hardest parts is to take care of our own gadgets. 

In that case, the dust, sweat, and water are our enemy. 

Here, we have the benefit of IP55 dust and water resistibility. 

30 Hours Battery Life 

Most impressive part of the specification in amazfit power buds pro is the 30 hours battery life. 

We are not 100% sure what other users will feedback but we appreciate the number upto 24-28 hours for daily users. 

Here is how Amazfit Power Buds Pro Unboxing Look like.

Hopefully you have enojoyed the brand new amazfit power buds pro specificafions.

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