Tesla May Sell Their Crypto Stake

Elon Musk Hints Tesla May Sell Their Crypto Stake

Tesla’s founder stated that Tesla may sell their crypto stake. As a result, Bitcoin dives down to its’ lowest price since. In the Twitter Thread, billionaires are agreed that Tesla should divest its stake. In the history of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin fell down almost 10 to below. In a tweet, Tesla chief executive said, “Bitcoins are […]

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Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios

Xbox Is Partnering With Timi Studios | Surprise For Gamers

For Gamers, something new is coming for a better experience. Microsoft’s game Studio, the American conglomerate. Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios.  This time Microsoft is planning a unique style for game lovers. But what is the reason for this collaboration?   Hence, we have gathered some valuable news about the brand new gaming concepts.  When […]

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Oximeter Displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level

Why Does Oximeter Displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level?

Have you seen the video that shows an Oximeter displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level? After the pandemic Oximeter has become a must-have instrument for us. It’s been more than 1 year when the COVID-19 came into our environment till then our ecosystem has imbalanced. However, your oxygen level will decide how fit you are! All […]

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Saturday Motivation

5 Life-Changing Saturday Motivation Tweet

Saturday morning brings energy for most of the people as they don’t like their 9-5 Schedules. However, our life a limited duration that will end one day. Today, we have gathered the most inspiring and motivating tweets on Saturday motivation. The reason, why used to gather these tweets, is nothing but to inspire you. Nowadays, […]

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New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (May Miss Tizen OS)

A rumor has come up after the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S21. At the same time Galaxy Z, FoldS3, and Galaxy F Flip3. But this is the starter the main dish is waiting. But here is a new spice that comes with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. From an online news source, called […]

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Oximeter Or Smartwatch

Should we use Oximeter or Smartwatch for COVID 19 SpO2 Reading? (Doctor Opinion)

After Covid-19, people rushing towards the medical shop for a blood oxygen level detector. But few of them are not outreaching for the clinical detector. They believe their smartwatch is way more smarter than Oximeter. Is it? Should we use Oximeter or Smartwatch? One of my friends are ready to buy a smartwatch at Rs. […]

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Mars Helicopter captures image

NASA Captures Its First Aerial Color Image From A Mars Helicopter

2nd April 2021 NASA captures its first color image from a Mars helicopter. The image was captured with high defination colored camera. Mars Helicopter Captures Color Image Of Mars Surface With the help of the helicopter, NASA capture the surface of the Mars from different angle. In the photograph, we can see the surface features, […]

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Top 10 Interesting Wednesday Thoughts

10 Most Interesting Tweets On Wednesday Thought

Guys, first of all, welcome to Buyers-Value where we talk about interesting and latest updates on product facts, reviews, and so on. Today, we researched “Wednesday thought” on Twitter. Where we have found some interesting tweets. Hence we want to share the tweets and the accounts. On Wednesday, you will explore something new and exciting. […]

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Tesla Should Accept Dogecoin

Elon Musk Is Surveying Wheather Tesla Should Accept Dogecoin

Elon Musk has tweeted a poll where he shows the curiosity about Dogcoin. He asked whether tesla should accept Dogecoin. Tesla is in the transaction with bitcoin (BTC). People used to buy Tesla cars with bitcoin. Last February, the company bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Now, we don’t know whether or not Tesla is going […]

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Optical Character Recognition

Automatic Increment In Optical Character Recognition Technology

Since 1990, OCR(Optical Character Recognition) has been taking a particular market and it’s seemed automatic. Wait! we are not saying that market players have done any improvement. Instead, we can say, it has a universal requirement. Furthermore, many tech inventions take a position but OCR seems more profitable for us in upcoming days. Still, in […]

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