Battleground Mobile India Goes Live On | Register With Preregister Link

Battleground Mobile India Goes Live

Good News for all game lovers. Battleground Mobile India goes live on Google play store. The Indian market was already exited but finally, the pre-registration link is available. Now, we can experience something previous like PUBG.

Furthermore, the game offers a few different experiences like more security, privacy, and less violence.

In the gaming world of Battleground, you can play the game one-to-one or squared basis.

The game is quite different from PUBG mobile version. Players will land in clothes and blood is green in color.

Moreover, Krafton and his team focusing on the parent control and the privacy of the game. All the user data will locally stored to the government database. Below 18 years old, gamers are completely parent controlled.

To play the with a complete registration, they (below 18 years) must submit their parents ID.

How to Register By Pre-Registration Link

On Google Play Store, you can simply Pre-register Battleground Mobile India. There are 4 exclusive rewards for pre-registration.

In addition, a notification may surprise you in the 1st week of June.

That will say- you can play the game, now.

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