Bad News For Apple Watches | Medical Tech Company Wants To Ban It

Bad News For Apple Watches

There is a piece of bad news for Apple Watches. An Us noninvasive patient monitoring tech company called Masimo. They compained that Apple has copied some of the light transmitting features to measure blood oxygen measurement.

The complaint has appeal to the U.S International Trade Commission to ban Apple Watch in the U.S. As we know Apple has been working on the health orientation.

In its last two versions, Apple has worked on Blood pressure, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep monitoring, And Spo2 reading. Recently, a rumor is coming that they glucose monitoring.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 6 was highly marketed on the blood oxygen level. That’s show that Apple is working on the health factor with expertise.

We may see the stress monitoring feature on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

Now, Masimo is not complaining against apple first time. However, the U.S government will investigate the matter that may take 1 and a half years to complete.

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