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Many years ago, we were launching a gigantic telephone. After many years, many brands like ASUS collaborates with Intel 5G. 

It’s time to feel the brand new experience of network speed and technology. 

There are many other sources but why are we talking about ASUS 5G protocol. 

Because they are implementing something new, and extraordinary. 

What are the key points of the collaboration? 

5G Opens Radio Access Network 

Today, ASUS announced a radio access network. Their main objective to launch the 5G collaboration is to improve the Radio Access Network at scale. 

Meanehile, they would offer the network operators to mix and match the hardware, and software to build a 5G atmosphere from O-RAN to the core. 

ASUS, Silicom, and Intel 

ASUS, and Intel are accomplishing to the top of the technology network. 

Their main objective is to provide the best network performance and data infrastructure solutions. 

On the other hand, Silicom is offering innovative solutions to the O-RAN market including 4G/5G L1 acceleration.

ASUS Servers

The company offers its world-class R&D capabilities for 5G O-RAN solutions with a wide range of capacity, and performance. 

Moreover, they are focusing on in-depth high-quality products and applications. 

ASUS has more than 5000 R&D specialists to support and conduct. The Datacenter AI and loT applications are well-operated with software, and hardware integration. 

Advanced Network Facilities By ASUS 

ASUS offers a comprehensive range of application-optimized server systems.

Intel Xeon Scalable processors with innovative technologies, including multi-node (RS720Q-E10), high-performance (RS720-E10 & RS700-E10), and GPU-density (ESC4000-E10) servers.

The network-optimized CPUs are deployed in a comprehensive portfolio of 5G.

In addition, ASUS delivers enhanced server and infrastructure security by integrating FPGA-based Intel Platform Firm Resilience (PFR).

Data and Source: ASUS

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the collaboration of ASUS with Intel 5G innovation.

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