Artificial Intelligence Does Not Mean ‘Artifical’ Or ‘Intelligence’

Artificial Intelligence Meaning

AI refers to Artificial Intelligence but Kate Crawford (Position holder of USC and Microsoft) Tells us “Even Experts are working on Technology Misunderstand AI”.

“Crawford is a professor of the University of Southern California and researcher of Microsoft tells that many applications and side effects of AI are in urgent need of regulation.”

Recently, Crawford discussed these topics with Wired Senior Writer Tom Simonite.

In the discursion, WIRED stated that People understand a few things about AI but Crawford argued that some specialists are working on misunderstand AI more deeply.

KATE Says “…ethereal and objective way of making decisions, something that we plug into everything from teaching kids to deciding who gets bail. But the name is deceptive…”

We need to analyze from the very beginning production of AI. AI is not able to discern processes without labor training (Generally provided by humans).

The ‘intelligence’ is not a kind of human intelligence. Face recognition services are more error-prone due to some machine learning systems that are built with hastily collected data.

AI is made up of a huge amount of labor (human power, fuel, and natural resources).

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