Are Electric Cars The Future? (Better Or Not)

are electric cars the future

Now, we are conscious about our future. From electric cars to the Mars missions, we are planning to secure our future existence. Being limited, fossil fuels will not be an energy source for us in the upcoming days. Are electric cars the future?

So many problems are there. How will we drive our cars, factories, electric instruments? 

Can we progress our generation without electricity? 

To solve this problem, companies like Tesla manufactures electronic vehicles (EV).

In short, electric cars will be a better option when we maintain the cost and external charging energy. 

Normally, car engines emit carbon dioxide that’s the main reason for global warming. 

Electric cars are not completely pollution free. It has some polluting problems. 

Electric batteries are made with lithium that requires an energy source to charge up. 

In 2014, National Academy Of Science surveyed the life cycle of EV’s emissions. 

They reported,

“…electric vehicles are charged with coal-powered electricity, and they are actually worse for the environment than conventional gasoline cars”

Although, national grids are showing green light for EV’s as gasoline engines emit comparatively more greenhouse gas in its entire life span. 

According to Colin Sheppard, 

“Only When connected to the dirtiest, coal-heavy electric grids do gasoline internal combustion engines become comparable to EV’s on a greenhouse basis” 

In a calculation, Sheppard shows that all private electric vehicles reduce 46% carbon dioxide annually in the U.S.

But There Are Two Problems

  • The Energy Source For Charging 
  • Cost 

If we are able to make a solution that allows us low amounts of fossil fuel (conventional energy). If EV’s are advancing with the “smart charging” or “controlled charging“. It’s a strategic process of changing electrical instruments in a limited time and budget. 

If we can charge private electric cars in such a way then pollution emissions savings could rise up to 49% annually. 

Data And Source Provide By: Live Science

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