Are Bluetooth Earphones Harmful For Ears? (Medical Recommendations)

Are Bluetooth Earphones Harmful For Ears

Tech revolution makes us cinematic. All we have background sounds during jogging, weight lifting, traveling, and so on. We need not wait for a convenient situation to listen to our favorite podcasts. Bluetooth connectivity changed the pattern of the sound system. But, you were asking “are Bluetooth earphones harmful for ears?”, right.

In Short: Bluetooth Earphones Harmfulness

There are various types of opinions on the harmfulness of wireless earphone radiation.

But before going through your answer line, kindly keep in mind that no earphone brand produces such less radioactivity instruments. They all maintain a pattern but the overall radiation remains the same.

Bluetooth devices emit nonionizing EMR (Less harmful than ionizing EMF) that have low capacity to harm your DNA and Brain cells.

However, the whole story is lying on the basis of usage duration.

How many types of radiation emits?

Mainly two types of EMR affect our sensors.

  • Ionizing EMR
  • Nonionizing EMR

Ionizing EMR

Being high frequency, ionizing EMR (Radioactive waves, sunlight, X-ray machines) damages our cells as well as DNA.

It is highly prohibited and must be avoided from direct contact.

Nonionizing EMR

It is comparetivly low in frequency that’s why holds a low potential to damage human cells.

Nonionizing EMR emitts from- Computers, microwaves, cellphones, wifi network, and so on.

Bluetooth Earphones Risk (Reality)

This is the place where you can learn the effects of using wireless headphones.

Normally, due to electromagnetic wave diseases like-

  • Cancer
  • Thyroid Nodular
  • Brain Tumor
  • Depression

Eventually, pregnant women could loss their upcoming versions (The Baby).

But How much damages Bluetooth earphones conducts?

According to Food and Drug Administration(FDA), daily nonionizing EMF are harmless to human cells.

Hense, Bluetooth earphones are not as dangerous as other ionizing radiations are. Although the amount of usage varies a lot.

How To Reduce Wireless Earphones Side Effects?

Everything has a pros and cons, if I am not wrong.

It is technically correct that wireless earphones emits low frequency radiations but still its harmful and do not gives us any healthy advantages.

Here is an video that shows a test of wireless earphones side effects. It’s completely based on experiment.

If you felt these certain effects then you must use you air pods safely. Otherwaise you will be preparing for a long term dangerous effect.


Smartwatch Side effect

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