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Smasung Launch Events

Get ready for the big events from three big tech giants. Apple, Google, Samsung launch Events to show their latest and best version of creation for their respective users. From hardware to software, we could see a massive change in the up-gradation. Let’s see the probable launching events and time zones.

Samsung Event

On Wednesday, Samsung is going to kick off the event at 10 Am ET/7 AM PT. It is suspecting that Samsung is going to launch a few brand new gadgets such as MWC in the next February or March where a tablet or PC is a good prediction.

Google Event

If you talk about Google, it has already shown their brand new versions of the latest gadget. Brand new chips, called Tensor Chip is the latest version to buck Qualcomm for first-party silicon that will also come with Google Phone pixel 6 and Pro also.

Previously, we have talked about the features of the Sets, recently we have come to leak fact that there will have 3 rare cameras in the Pro version, and 2 in the Pixels 6. Google is kicking off the event on Thursday, 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.

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Apple Event

A few weeks ago Apple launched its iPads, iPhones, Apple watches, however, we have not seen any Macs with macOS jaw-dropping features.

We have experienced the tactics of the Apple event, and its marketing strategy. From those experiences, we could say that Apple can launch the following products such as-

  • A New Mac Mini
  • 13 inches and 16 inches MacBook Pro

Well, let’s see Apple’s event on Monday at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.

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